Young Roaches

Cockroaches are animals with a fairly fast life cycle. Although their life is quite fast, they have a brief adolescent process that is characterized by a change in their body characteristics. This can usually cause some confusion due to their resemblance to different species of other cockroaches.

It is important to learn to recognize these different phases of the cockroach’s life to identify their different reproductive phases and eliminate them before they give up breeding. It also allows you to eliminate them in more assertive ways. Instead of using chemicals right and left all you have to do is identify when a cockroach is most dependent on its nest so you can eliminate them all at once.

Cockroaches, unlike other insects, do not have a period of metamorphosis or inactivity. On the contrary, the best way to eliminate them is during their juvenile stage. At this stage most of the time they need to feed constantly, so you can take advantage of that to eliminate them by poisoning their food sources. But for that, you have to first identify what young cockroaches look like. This way you can get rid of them very quickly.

What do young roaches look like

They have an incredible ability to produce offspring. A single female cockroach produces 30 to 40 different offspring. These offspring are known as nymphs and are what we call “young cockroaches”. They are small and browner in color than their adult counterparts. They also react to light more violently and intensely than the rest of the older cockroaches. You can also find a lot of organic waste near the places where they are kept (pipes, corners, broken walls). These wastes can range from feces to molts of skin.

The reason skin debris is seen everywhere is basically that during their youthful years’ cockroaches shed skin at least six or seven times a day for 30 days. Once they molt, this number of times they finish their sexual maturation and their wings grow (that’s right, those wingless cockroaches are usually young cockroaches).

Now that you know how to easily identify these animals in their development phase you will be able to trap them in their nest. To eliminate them once and for all. Remember that the best way to eliminate them is through their food, so making a paste of boric acid with sugar is the best way to kill them. Also as a bonus, the places where you find molts of skin should be their priority, as they are a source of food for them.


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