Wingless Roaches

In the whole world, there are more than 4500 types of cockroaches, and although they all have many similarities, there are some that have wings and others do not, others that have longer legs, cockroaches with different colors between black, reddish and brown and many other features.

We all know to the cockroaches, and we know the physical characteristics of the ones we usually see around us, such as the German cockroach, Eastern and Germanic.

However, what many do not know, is that of that amount of cockroaches that exist worldwide, the only ones that are considered a true plague are these three that we have named, the wood cockroach and thirty others.

More about wingless wood roach

In the group of the most common cockroaches, the American roach has wings and can fly short distances, the German has wings but cannot fly and the eastern cockroach is very similar to a beetle, and is one of the species of cockroach that does not they have wings.

Although cockroaches have wings, most are like the German, even if they have wings, they prefer to run.

Thanks to their legs, these insects have a very high ability to run, even greater than that of humans.

Being a relatively large insect compared to others, they become very heavy so that their thin wings can keep them more than a few seconds in the air.

Although it is difficult to see a cockroach fly, if you can see cockroaches crawling at a high speed around your home, your establishment or even when you walk the streets at night, or if we talk about wood cockroaches, you can easily see them in the daylight walking through your garden.

Wingless cockroach Chinese medicine

As we well know, Asian culture is extremely exotic, and not only that, but they use alternative medicines that people from other customs and cultures are not accustomed to.

In China, scientists with government help, raise cockroaches for use in the traditional medicine of that country.

These cockroaches are raised in a building managed through artificial intelligence, which is responsible for providing the necessary means so that they can reproduce much faster.

Believe it or not, the Chinese use cockroaches to create a widely used remedy in this country. With this remedy, they treat diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, lung problems and more.

Wingless German cockroach

The German cockroach is perhaps the most common, this insect goes to the houses in search of heat, food, and shelter, so it is normal to suffer from invasions of this species of cockroach.

She is somewhat smaller than the American cockroach and her color is blonder.

Despite having wings, this insect cannot fly or even plan a few seconds in the air. You will see them running at high speed, because thanks to their six legs, they can move very quickly from one side to the other.

These cockroaches belong to the group that likes to walk at night when darkness comes they go out to mate and feed.

If you have an invasion of German cockroaches, it is most likely that your nest is in the places with the highest humidity and darkness such as in the bathrooms behind the sink or the kitchen under the appliances.

Getting rid of German cockroaches is not a single day’s task, you should clean your house very well and buy products that help you eliminate them.

This has been one of the most difficult roaches to eradicate, if you have an invasion of them in your home, it is best to call an expert to eliminate that problem completely.


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