White Roaches

Imagine the following scene: You’re cleaning your room after a long time without doing it. You are dusting and taking out the trash. Suddenly among some old books and newspapers you find some cockroaches running out in front of you.

Everything okay so far, right? However, something even stranger and more worrying appears before your eyes: Cockroaches of a white color. This is very likely to cause you a rather ugly scare and a great concern. What are those things? Is it completely normal? How can I eliminate them? All those questions will be answered in the next article.

roaches white

White dubia roaches

The insects of the subspecies dubia are among the smallest classes of these annoying vermin, despite this it is quite likely that at some point when you meet them you will find something quite different in relation to the rest of species: They are of a clearer tone than the rest. At first glance this seems quite strange. However, it has a quite simple explanation: Either she is pregnant or she is a baby. Yes, as you read or is about to become the mother of a vermin nest or is the newborn daughter of a vermin.

This species (and in general all of them) usually shed skin before they reproduce and in the moments after they are born, just like snakes and other animals do. So it’s quite likely that that the insect you saw go through your doorframe is about to give birth.

White german roaches

In the case of the German variant, exactly the same thing happens: The cockroach takes on this strange whitish color when it molts. The female contracts her muscles to give pressure on a line that goes from the head to the abdomen, crossing the whole of her body. The result is that the dead skin is cracked so that the cockroach comes out little by little. Once out is white and soft skin becomes rigid and acquires over time (and the help of dust and dirt) its characteristic brown tone.

Why are some roaches white

As we mentioned, this is part of their normal development, however despite this does not mean that they can do it at will whenever they want. Cockroaches will only change skin as many times as necessary to reach an optimal size, both in the body and in their wings and to be able to reproduce (or self-fertilize) so after a few times of the process is unlikely to repeat it. One of the ways you can find out if there are such animals in your home without having to meet them is by looking for the remains of cockroach skin in places like corners and pipes, which are the ideal places where they usually create their nests. Dead skin is often seen as a kind of remnants of a coppery color, like a combination of specks of dust and dirt. If you find it, it is likely that the owner of the dead skin is very close to it, as they use it to feed themselves.

What do white roaches mean

On the other hand, if what you find apart from being white is a larger than usual size, as we mentioned previously is because it is pregnant. Usually in those cases in addition to its color, has a thicker than normal, that is due to the amount of eggs stored inside. It is recommended that you simply crush them with your foot or any other utensil instead of using poisons, because if you use chemicals there is a possibility that the eggs will hatch. If you crush them, they won’t have a chance to do so.


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