Where do Roaches Hide

Across our planet, about 3,500 species of roaches recognized, but fortunately for humans, only a few are harmful to their health. The favorite places for this insect are trash bins, but they don’t neglect kitchens and other work environments where there are hot conditions.

Roaches are active when there are no sources of noise and lights in the environments in which they nest since these animals are awful. They do not like light and avoid taking refuge in cracks and small places. The hours at which they make their exit are the night hours precisely because there are no significant sources of lighting in the rooms.

The development of these insects takes place with an incomplete metamorphosis, which means that from the eggs, some smaller specimens are born but have the same appearance as adults, apart from the wings and reproductive organs.

The female lay their eggs in a reniform or ovoid shell, in places where they generally hide. In the hatching of eggs, about 20 newborns are born for each egg, and this means that kitchens and other environments could have a significant invasion of these insects.

New specimens feed like adults and perform the same actions and in the same places. The nymphs feed independently and without the help of the mother, of which they differ only in size, color, and lack of wings, an organ that they will develop as adults, and that does not allow flight.

Where do roaches hide during the day

As if his shining armor and wings were not bad enough, this annoying insect seem to have fun in wet pipes.

Thanks to the pipes that cross our walls and floors, manage to find a dark and damp hiding place, where they can spend most of their time. Besides, the hot condensate released by some pipes allows cockroaches to heat and proliferate.

Where do roaches hide in the night

Many loves to go out and walk on the roofs of dark rooms and can fall and escape in seconds! The reason why like to be on the walls and vice versa is a mystery, but if the room is dark enough, they could be right over your head!

Fortunately, most of these weeds will run to the shelter, in much narrower places, as soon as the lights come on or you enter the room.

To keep in mind, if you want to catch a roach while walking on our roof, it will be quite tricky to say, since they are quite fast creatures and, therefore, will be ready to escape in the blink of an eye.

Where do roaches hide in the house

We love comfortable furniture with the right amount of compactness, softness, and warmth. Something in their flat and smooth body makes them prone to snuggling in tight spaces where they can feel fabrics or other materials around them.

For our unwanted guests, they like our furniture so much that they can squat and lay their eggs there, producing dozens of young people. Eggshells, easily recognizable by their dark brown color, can be found under sofas, tables, and chairs in wood or plastic, so open your eyes!

Take special care of the new furniture you bring to your home, inspect every inch for pre-existing eggs, or these small pest creatures.

They have been on our planet for 300 million years, as evidenced by the fossils found, means that pest are resistant insects that have evolved, over the entire surface of the earth. They are small with wide legs, with a flattened body that allows them to sneak into cracks and fissures and have a fast pace.

Their legs have the proper shape to scale smooth and vertical surfaces, and this explains why they are also often found on ceilings. Finding these bugs is quite complicated, and, in the vast majority of cases, they detected until they reproduce in a big way. For this reason, it is advisable to keep your house neat, to avoid the presence of these pests that may end up affecting the health status of your family.


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