What Smells do Roaches Hate?

Cockroaches are indeed a problem pest just as much as some of the most common ways to repel them contain chemicals and poisons so dangerous that they end up being as bad as being surrounded by those insects.

So, if you want to repel them in a safer, softer and more organic way, don’t forget that there are a variety of plants that serve as an effective and ecological means to help keep your house free of cockroaches.

Roaches hate MINT

Not only is it one of the most effective cockroach repellents in the plant kingdom, but one of the best in general.

At the end of the last decade, it was determined through a series of investigations carried out by different institutes that the smell of catnip is ten times more effective in repelling cockroaches than the chemical repellent we usually buy to combat this plague at home.

It can be used in two ways, dry or raw. But you can make tea and then spray it in all the dark areas and in every corner of our home where we see the presence of these insects.

Roaches hate LAUREL

It has a mild smell for humans but unbearable for cockroaches.

Laurel is available in any supermarket with a spice section and can be used to keep cockroaches away in areas such as skirting boards, cracks in walls, and under artifacts.

Grind leaves using a mortar or grinds them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder.

Roaches detest GARLIC

The penetrating aroma of garlic cloves repels several insects, and cockroaches are no exception.

The most effective way to take advantage of the strong smell of garlic is to use freshly chopped cloves.

However, it also has a scent that many humans don’t enjoy at home, so if you want something softer, spread garlic powder to keep cockroaches away.

Repel roaches with LOUISIANA ORANGE TREE

Despite their misleading name and the fact that they are often sold in fruit sections of warehouses, Louisiana oranges are not suitable for consumption.

They are grown and sold individually to repel insects, and their smell will help keep cockroaches away.

However, be sure always to replace them when they start to soften and turn brown; rotten Louisiana oranges can attract other types of insects.

Roaches loathe cucumber

It’s funny enough to know that cockroaches hate the smell of cucumber. For this reason, you can use the skin of the cucumber and place it in all the dark areas of the house, under the kitchen, on the fridge and in every corner where you see traces of any of these undesirable insects.

While you may not like the idea of leaving the skin around the house, try to routinely prepare cucumbers so that their smell and the surfaces in the basket helps keep these insects away.

¿What scent do roaches hate? Others.

Cockroaches are more than undesirable guests. They are known for being authentic survivors, but they also have some weak points such as vinegar. Know how to eliminate cockroaches with vinegar in a natural way.

Cockroaches can endure almost anything; they can overcome a particular aversion to specific products and live without eating for long periods. Hidden away, waiting for their moment, they are evil traveling companions.

What smell do roaches hate the most

If you are tired of cockroaches and want to opt for a 100% safe option, any of these can serve you …. Without a doubt!

⚡️ Onion and Boric Powder ⚡️

One of the most economical techniques to fight the plague. The preparation process is simple, you only have to make a paste with only one onion. You must have half a cup of flour, sugar and water with only four tablespoons of boric powder. All this must be mixed and you will have an effective remedy to get rid of these annoying insects.

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⚡️ And… Borax! ⚡️

One of the best-known natural ingredients used in the home. We need to do is spread it all over the house, especially in those areas where we have seen cockroaches. When cockroaches touch borax, they will dehydrate and die. A cockroach cannot be hydrated when its shell is damaged. Therefore, this remedy is beneficial.

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