What do Dubia Roaches Eat

Although it is thought that insects, rats and hogs can eat almost everything they can swallow, this is not true at all. Especially because the different species of each animal of the named above have completely distinct diets.

In this article we’ll talk about what roaches eat.

dubia roaches eating

For example, dubia roaches, which are usually breed to feed some exotic pets such as: amphibians, reptiles and even some kinds of fungi, have very special feeding characteristics, because they tend to hoard too much protein, that they convert to uric acid later and it kills them, and, on the other hand: this acid acts like a poison to the animals that eat these bugs, so they have to avoid eating great amounts of protein constantly.

So, what do they actually need to grow up healthily? well, it might take you by surprise but the best aliment for them are the carotenoids, also known as tetraterpenoids, that are a fundamental part of the organisms that obtain nutrients from photosynthesis. They can be found mainly in tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, grapefruit and in oranges.

It is really important for them and their metabolic system to get the carotenoids, so we would recommend you to get some dry fruit or food based in grain chow. Be aware that their nutrition is focused on the cellulose that comes out from vegetables, if you don’t provide the right ones to them or give them too much protein: they will die.

H2 What do cockroaches eat

The blattels are scavengers and omnivores, so while it is any organic matter, they will eat it regardless of its taste or nutritional values. Nevertheless, as we said before, there are too many species of cockroaches, so you must put all your attention to what specie are we talking about to know what they exactly eat.

Anyway, you have to keep in mind that they will take advantage of anything they can find, especially if it is nearby their nest, very often placed in houses, apartments or in warehouses. Pests do this because it is easy to find water there (they can’t survive an entire week without water) and also because in these buildings they can get their favorite aliments. Then, another question pops up:

What do roaches like to eat?

It is hard to answer this, because how can you ask a pest what is its favorite aliment? so, to get it clear, we must analyze their behavior, where do these insects go and cause infestations most commonly?  you may not believe it, but they love the sugar, the grease and the meat.

As you can see, they aren’t so different from us, sugar has got a very high energy content, it is like pure fuel to them, the grease helps them protect themselves against cold weather and also gives a big amount of energy, while the meat offers proteins that they need. However, what kind of meat are we talking about? do they eat other bugs and pests?

Do roaches eat bed bugs?

Yes, they do, bedbugs are smaller than them, due to this, they’re a standard part of cockroaches’ menu. The problem is that bedbugs can reproduce themselves much faster that cockroaches hunt them, so it’s a lost war.

You can’t get rid of any of those if you have both of them in your home just by letting them hunt each other. And also, cockroaches are very opportunist when it comes about feeding, so if they can access to any other nutrient without hunting anything, they will choose that option.

Do roaches eat ants?

As we said before, they eat almost anything, but ants can be both the prey and the hunter. It is well known that they eat each other, depending on the specie of course. You could find many videos of ants devouring a cockroach and vice versa, so this is like and endless war that provides bad experiences for house owners. Ants can reproduce faster, they need less nutrients and they can get shelter much easier, but they have a hard-to-kill enemy, because their predator is bigger, stronger and will never surrender.

Going back to the question: Yes, cockroaches eat ants, nevertheless, they are eaten by them too.

Do roaches eat crickets?

When we answered the question about ants, somehow we answered this one too, cockroaches eat crickets but it does not happen commonly for two reasons: on one hand, the black crickets attack almost any bug they find, so they can’t be considered as a part of the pests’ diet at all, unless they find the corpse of the cricket. On the other hand the brown ones, the situation is not quite different, however, they won’t attack a bigger insect in normal conditions.

If you’re thinking about having a colony of both species, we would recommend you to keep them separated, otherwise, both animals will try to hunt each other if they don’t get protein enough from outer sources, and also, they are going to fight for the space and the hidings. So as you can imagine, having them all in the same bin would cause a total war that will only end up when they are far away.

In nature, this is unavoidable and if you dive into the internet you will easily find some videos of bug fights in which these animals are trying to catch the other one and the most numerous ones always win.

Do roaches eat clothes, hair and carboard?

Many of them have been seen damaging clothes, especially shirts and socks, nevertheless, they don’t really eat them, what they do is find leftovers in stains and among the fibers and eat it all away, they would never feed from inorganic matter, but they’ve been caught up eating nylon!

About the hair: It’s true that they eat it, but they prefer the eyelashes and the fingernails, it sounds scare, but don’t worry, they will never try to hunt you because of the size difference.

The cardboard, however, it’s one of their favorite meals as their inner bacteria allows them to get nutrients from this material. You have to be aware they will only use it as meal if they don’t have anything else left, because cardboard is more often used as a shelter to protect themselves from cold and light.


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