What Attracts Roaches

Pests can get attracted by many things: easy-to-build shelters, food, other bugs, heat, some smells… however, there are some particular stuff which will attract them to anywhere. some can fly, other will only climb and run, but if they realize there are any of these things nearby, they will put all their effort to get in there no matter what.

What things do spiders attack?

We will show you a rank of the things that make bugs lose their mind, you should avoid them all if you want to get rid of this plague, because if cockroaches find any of this, they will set a nest close to it and start reproducing, laying their eggs and becoming a true infestation, read carefully and keep in mind that you can’t leave these objects or places with free access to the bugs.

Roaches Attracts Roaches

The fourth place of this rank and the first thing we are going to talk about is… other cockroaches!!

When you see a long line of people you imagine there must be something interesting at the beginning of it, otherwise, why would they just stand and wait for nothing? so this thought is also in their minds, if there are more like us, something pretty good and unique should be in that place. When the pests see more insects walking into a home, they automatically give it a try and if the place is big enough… we have an infestation!

Water Attracts Cockroaches

The third place of this rank is taken by the water. Almost any animal needs it to survive, the cockroaches can not spend more than a couple of days without it, otherwise their lives are at serious risk. Drying any source of water will keep them all away, but it is actually hard to dry an entire home, especially because even humidity can be useful for them, it is such a big problem, so all you can do is to poison a water source and they will die.

Food Attracts Roaches

The second place is for the aliment. They can eat almost anything, organic matter, insects corpses, trash… if it is organic insects will swallow it, and they don’t need big amounts, however the smell of aliment, even if it is rotting away, can be followed and pursued from miles away, they will always find it no matter where it was hidden or thrown. In fact, these pests cause infestations mostly because is available proteins nearby. That is why this is above the water, because it’s the first thing they look for and then comes all the rest.

What attracts roaches the most?

In the first place of this rank is the shelter. Yes, the shelters are the most valuable thing that any animal can wish or dream of. A hot place, with no light, protected from human foots, domestic pets and a place where you can reproduce and don’t be haunted in the process of it.

However, we have talked about the leftovers as the first thing they want anywhere and this happens because they will not try to get anything to eat if the danger is unbearable, and even if they have all they can eat, safety always come first. But coming back to the aliments they seek, a question suddenly pops up:

What food attracts roaches?

The cockroaches seek mainly for easy proteins and they aren’t sybarites about it, but they have priorities as all of us. When it is about making a decision, the sugar is often the best choice: it has got many nutrients, gives a huge amount of energy, it is easy to find and helps you fight the cold days in the tough winters.

These insects do not really mind if the sugar is pure, if it is found as juice or even inside an apple, it is their favorite food and can’t help themselves from getting it. If you want to get rid of them, the best advice we can give you it’s to clean and pack any sweet thing you have in your kitchen.

Anyway, any leftover will attract them, so don’t leave any on the floor or above a table if you don’t want to have bad encounters with these small friends.

In short, what attracts roaches into the house?

Don’t forget all we have talked about: insects, water, food and shelter. If you provide to the pests any of these, get ready for having a house full of bugs. They need to feel safe so finding a shelter is the first task on their list. Try to make your home a bad place for these guests by cleaning it up as much as you can.

The water is the big deal, you can dry your home enough, no matter what you try to do because humidity is almost everywhere and even some objects contain water inside. The walls, for example, can storage water. This is a lost fight but don’t worry, they need also aliments, bugs feel very attracted by easy proteins, so clean and eliminate any leftover.

And finally, the insects, let them feel lonely, kill and exterminate any bug you find to make the house less attractive to any other of them and you will be free of all of them!


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