Turkestan Roaches

The Turkestan cockroach is what many would call an exotic insect, these come from Africa, and are slightly similar to the American cockroach.

These cockroaches have a certain relationship with the American cockroach, not only in its resemblance but also releases sexual pheromones that are capable of attracting this other species of cockroaches.

roaches turkestan

This cockroach is not considered an indoor pest, however, it is recommended to be very careful because the rest of the insects from the same genetic line as the Turkestan cockroach, has become one of the worst pests in many countries.

About turkestan cockroaches

The cockroach Turkestan despite not being the type of cockroaches that you find inside your home or establishment if you can get to see it around the site since they are considered as insects in the open air.

This cockroach, like others, is a disease spreader, causing damage not only to humans but also to other animals, they can even damage from small plants to full plantings.

Turkestan cockroaches are highly used for breeding, as these are used to feed various insect animals that have been gradually climbing the list of pets that people like to have.

Turkestan cockroach control

Keeping cockroaches under control is not an easy task, and when we talk about Turkestan cockroaches, we should know that it is easier to keep females under control than males.

The females of this species of cockroaches, because they do not have wings, are a bit clumsy, because they have an inability to climb smooth surfaces, due to this, you will rarely see them inside a home or establishment.

On the other hand, the males of Turkestan cockroaches have wings and in turn feel attracted to the light, so that one may come to your house, not because of the need to nest there, but out of curiosity.

Avoid having standing water, remove dirt from the surroundings of your house and seal all cracks that may be in the concrete.

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How to get rid turkey grid roaches at home

We have all gone through the process of wanting to eliminate cockroaches, and it is well known that they are a difficult insect to exterminate.

Turkestan cockroaches can be eliminated with baits, boric acid, ultrasonic repellents, and other products on the market.

You can even call an exterminator when the problem is greater since they use chemicals capable of eliminating a whole cockroach nest.

Another way to keep them away and under control is to eliminate all possible hiding places that she can access, you must keep the area clean, avoid high humidity concentrations and regulate the temperatures of your home or establishment so that these cockroaches cannot reproduce so easily.

Turkestan cockroach life cycle

life turkestan roaches

These cockroaches have a length of 3cm when they reach adulthood, and can also be easily distinguished between their genders since it is a sexually dimorphic race.

This species of cockroaches have a shorter development cycle than most, thus being able to produce more eggs throughout their life.

They reach adulthood at 4 months and can live up to 14 months after that.

Turkestan roaches vs dubia

Dubia cockroaches are one of the most used to feed spiders, reptiles, and amphibians and more, however, there are other types of cockroaches capable of providing the same nutrients to these animals, and they are easier to get than dubia cockroaches.

Turkestan cockroaches are being highly used by people with insectivorous pets.

However, both cockroaches provide much protein and other nutrients necessary for the diet of reptiles, amphibians, spiders and more insectivores.


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