Tree Roaches

The tree cockroach or wood cockroach is one that you should not worry about because it is established inside your home, but you should take special care so that they do not reproduce in your garden.

If you get to see one of these cockroaches inside your home, most likely they have entered by mistake, since they prefer to stay outdoors and away from people.

However, if we see one inside the home, we must be careful and keep them away from food, as they are carriers of various diseases harmful to humans.

More about wood roaches

These cockroaches are similar in appearance to those we usually see in homes or establishments but have slightly longer legs, and you can see them around during the day,

These insects are not nervous like the other types of cockroaches and unlike the other races of cockroaches, these are not sensitive to light, on the contrary, they are attracted to it.

Wood cockroaches need to live in a humid environment, which is why they tend to nest mostly in places like rotten logs and under the undergrowth. Because of this, their habitat is more than all forests.

You will find them more than all in the most wooded areas of North America, and despite being an animal that likes to live in the wood, they do not destroy it like other insects, they will simply make their nests there, and if the conditions are good enough, it will be very difficult for them to move.

How to get rid of wood roaches

roaches in wood

When you see one of these cockroaches inside your home, it will not be a big problem, because the conditions so that they can create a nest and in turn reproduce, are not optimal within the home.

To prevent these insects from entering your home, you should try to cover all possible entrances and try as much as possible to maintain a low level of lighting.

Take away from your house all the objects where you can make a nest, such as pots, rotten logs, and others.

Now, if the problem is not inside your home, but in the garden, you must try to keep the environment clean, avoid having fallen trees at all costs, the areas where it accumulates in the water should be kept as dry as possible.

Other recommendations are that you have sown in your garden some lavender, eucalyptus, laurel and other types of herbs and flowers since cockroaches detest the odors that they give off.

If you are one of the people who like to have an orchard, we recommend that you sow peppers, garlic, rosemary, and cucumber since not only the smell of these fruit and flowers scares cockroaches, but they also secrete substances that can harm these insects

Having a lemon tree will not only provide you with this rich fruit but to being citrus, it is considered as a natural repellent for cockroaches.

As long as you keep your garden clean, these cockroaches will not be a big problem.

Tea tree oil roaches

The tea tree is perfect for preparing a home remedy against cockroaches.

To obtain the oil that this bush produces, we must distill its leaves or bark, once we get the oil we will mix with vinegar and we will have our natural cockroach repellent.

Spray this mixture around your garden and your home, this will make the wood cockroaches stay away.

You can also get this remedy in pharmacies and markets in case you don’t have a tree like this near your home.


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