Surinam Roaches

Suriname is a small country south of the American continent. However, this variety of the most famous vine of all time actually comes from a much more distant place: Malaysia. It has probably passed from one country to another by boat, since it has the two characteristics that this plague likes best: abundant water and dirty food.

They are quite large in comparison to other species, managing to measure a quarter of a centimeter. Also their colors are different, taking a golden color in the front of the animal in conjunction with its sides. For these reasons, they are usually quite frightening. However, they are very easy to eliminate.

roaches Surinam

Surinam Roaches, some remedies

One of the things that characterizes this species is that it reproduces through parthenogenesis, this means that the female can become pregnant and fertilize her own eggs without the intervention of any male. This favors the exponential growth of the cockroach colony, as most of those eggs will be clones of the mother. The eggs are hidden inside the female’s abdomen and stop when they are ready to hatch.  The female can carry an average of 40 eggs, however of these only half will grow and develop successfully. Knowing this, the main thing is to identify the mothers, to avoid the unbridled growth of the colony.

How to care for surinam roaches

The Surinam cockroach is an insect that is buried inside the soil, reaching the roots of the plants and causing damage to the vegetation. This species is commonly found in mainly tropical areas with high levels of humidity, such as those in the southeastern United States. Also hot places are the predilection of these bugs. Males are approximately one inch long, being much larger than females of the species, have dark brown wings and their heads are black or shiny brown. Adult females have light wings (similar to a golden color) and black heads.

The best way to control this pest is through the use of agricultural insecticides. The use of these inside the home is a little dangerous, however there are many non-toxic elements that can be very useful. We have the example of milk based insecticides:

You only need a little milk with boric acid. This way you can get a very good insecticide for a very cheap price. Boric acid has a double use: Cut the milk to get the cockroaches closer, and at the same time the milk being poisoned will get them to die quickly and painlessly.

How to get rid surinam cockroach in house

Now, if this variety of insect has already made it into your home and wrecked it, the best thing you can do is clean it up. By removing any trace of dirt you will eliminate the interest that these animals may have in your home, you can also try to contact cleaning professionals. This second is one of the most sensible things you can do because the professionals remove every last trace of all these pesky vermin that are inside your home. This way you can also prevent future outbreaks from re-emerging inside your home.

You can also try your luck using some home remedies, which are popular in most homes. The main recommendation is that you do not abuse chlorine, although it is quite good and can eliminate a lot of bugs, these can become resistant to it due to its adaptive capacity. That’s why home remedies don’t usually work effectively.


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