Smoke Roaches

One of the problems that many smokers may have at certain times is when they cannot give the last puffs to their cigarettes because they are about to be consumed.

Just that final part of the blunt (which we will call roaches) contains a lot of product that many times we do not want to waste (because we must be honest, the price many times what we consume is too high) so there are many strategies to smoke the roaches and not waste a single penny of our product. Some methods are rarer than others, but all are equally useful without a doubt.

roaches smoke

How to smoke roaches

The most common way to smoke this is through the use of cigarette filter. That way you will be able to give the last puffs to your blunt without worrying about burning your fingers. However, if you don’t have cigarette filters, there are specialized clips to be able to enjoy the final part of the blunt. These clips have a resemblance to the pliers used in medical operations and allow you to grab the end of your instruments to smoke. However, these tweezers can be somewhat difficult to obtain (depending on the legislation in the place where you live as they are usually available in smoking shops).

Another fairly common way to enjoy that end part is the use of a pipe or a bong. You only have to place the remains of the blunt in the opening of the bong or if you prefer to open the cigarette and put the product directly in the bong. Either way is one of the most common and useful ways in which you can enjoy the whole of your product. In addition these products are easy to obtain, since they are of common sale in stores as wallmart or amazon and you do not have to worry to see if in the legislation of the place where it lives you can or not use one, since this type of tool is legal in all the sites.

Best way to smoke roaches

Another option you can use to enjoy those final parts of your blunt is to use a paper filter by rolling the final part of the blunt and simply lighting it. If that doesn’t work what you can use is the circular part of a key ring. Simply put it symmetrically on the keychain and then direct it to your mouth. You will have enough space to be able to carry the key ring with the final part of the cigarette to your mouth and you can enjoy the whole product without having to get extra attachments that can often be too expensive without any justification.

All the methods we have presented in this article are just as good for finishing your blunt, however something you can do much easier is to save several roaches to make a complete cigarette later. This way you avoid losing the product and you don’t need any kind of accessory to enjoy them.


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