Small Cockroaches

Cockroaches, like a large number of other animals, go through a development cycle: they are born, grow, reproduce, age and die. However, one of the most important moments in the life of these terrifying vermin is growth.

During this stage they become sexually active, so there is a greater risk that they will reproduce and consequently infest your home or your house. The best option in the face of this unfortunate news is to hunt and eliminate them when they are in their infancy to prevent them from reproducing and becoming the owners of your home behind your own back.

cockroaches small

What do small cockroaches look like

All the babies in the animal kingdom are extremely cute, aren’t they? The little baby lions, the adorable tiger cubs, and the precious baby kittens. Well I am very sure that if there is an animal whose baby stage is not the most adorable it is the one of this vermins, well not only its baby stage is not adorable, but in general all its stages are terribly ugly.

However, the presence of baby of those vermins in your house means an even bigger problem: An infestation inside your home (this kind of bug has a long life cycle, so if they had time to reproduce it’s because they have been inside you for a long time) so identifying them is crucial.

Like other animals, the offspring of these insects are only miniature versions of their parents. The main difference between the two (apart from size) is that babies lack the wings their adult counterparts have.

Babies may also have a lighter color than adults. The German baby variety, however, is generally darker than adults.

How small are baby cockroaches

A baby has a flat, ovalshaped body that is oily to the touch. These bugs have small heads and are covered by shield. Their mouths are backwards and point downwards. They have six long, thorny legs, so they can move quickly across surfaces. They also have small special pads in their tarsi that allow them to walk through ceilings and walls above. Some species have flat wings against their backs, but not all use their wings to fly.

To help you get a better idea of what do they look like, here are some descriptions of the most common species:

  • American variety: Reddish brown and about 40 mm in length on average.
  • German variety: Dark brown in color and 13-16mm in length on average.
  • Oriental variety: Black in color and larger than German ones.
  • Pennsylvania variety: So in color and approximately 20 mm in length on average.

How to get rid small cockroaches in kitchen

If you’re seeing tiny cockroaches in your house, there’s a good chance there’s a nest on the walls or near your house. Knowing what cockroach eggs look like can help you identify a nest if you’re trying to address the problem at its root. If the nest is inside the kitchen the best thing you can do is use cat mint and bay leaf to eliminate them. This way you can avoid the use of chemicals and possible poisonings inside your home.

How to get rid small cockroaches in garden

If you find cockroach infestation in your garden, you can use powdered boric acid. This chemical is environmentally friendly and can be mixed with plant fertilizer.

This way when they consume it (attracted by the characteristic smell of plant fertilizer) they will die immediately poisoned. This is more effective with the offspring, because in their first days of life they seek to feed at all costs, as quickly as possible to be able to develop, but by poisoning them it is practically impossible for them to grow.


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