Silver Roach

Imagine the following scene: You’re walking quietly to your room, its night and all you want is to get to your bed and sleep until you can’t sleep anymore. But just as you’re finishing putting on your pajama clothes you find something in your wardrobe that you thought didn’t exist: a silver cockroach.

You get scared, obviously, because it’s not something you see every day, but almost immediately you ask yourself: How is it possible that a bug can take on that skin color? So far you’ve probably only seen the brown or black variety in your whole life. However, there are more shades within the different species of these bugs, and we are going to talk about them today.

roaches silver

More about silver roaches

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not a robot. No, on the contrary it is more likely that it was just a vision error or a flash of light that was generated in your eyes. You have to remember that these terrible insects have a shiny oil film on their wings (this film keeps them together and strong and is what allows the wings not to fall into pieces due to disuse) so it is likely that the reason you dress the insect with the silver tone is not a matter of an optical illusion caused by the tiredness of your eyes. The cases of these horrible bug with different colors to the usual are common, however it does not handle cases of silver cockroaches.

This can be seen even more increased if you use for example a light to illuminate the annoying bug in your wardrobe. By illuminating it directly with the light beam of a flashlight it can bounce, giving us the impression that the bug in question is a different shade than the real one. However, the reality is that no matter how much we would like there to be a powerful silver-colored cockroach lurking around deep in our rooms and homes, for our complete and total tranquility and satisfaction such a thing does not exist and it is just a curious visual effect caused by our tired eyes, a halo of light and the oily film in the wings of these bugs.

Other colors Cockroaches

Now, although for our good (or bad, depends on how you see it) luck does not exist a variant of these insects that has the silver as its body color, if there is a wide variety of different shades in other species. For example: Although most have a brown or black shades there are also those that have pale yellow, white, grayish green or greenish blue colors. These species are rare and develop under quite specific circumstances (such as developing in a sewer or in a place completely dark and without any contact with the outside).

The colors of the different species do not represent a greater or lesser danger to us, unlike other insects, all cockroaches are completely “harmless” as far as it fits (although they remain the main pathological messenger of a large amount of viruses and bacteria, so their removal from our homes is completely necessary and should not be negotiated under any circumstances). However, one thing we need to pay attention to is white cockroaches. These insects have two characteristics: Either they are young bugs that have not been sexually active, or they are insects about to lay eggs. The rest of the colors, no matter how striking, are simply used by female nymphs to attract males and procreate. So no matter if it is a black or a green one, just kill it as soon as you can.


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