Roaches in Bathroom at Night

The bathroom is one of the first places where cockroaches are for several reasons. The first reason is that in this place, the presence of insects is easily visible due to the tiled surfaces and generally light-colored.

A second crucial reason is the presence of microscopic amounts of water that are fundamental to cockroach life. Even a small drop of water from the sink, the bathtub, the bidet, always attracts cockroaches in search of water and food. For roaches, it is much more essential to drink than to eat. They can survive for many days without eating, but a few days without drinking.

For proper prevention and to avoid infestations both in the bathroom and in the rest of the house, the following is recommended:

  1. Check there are no cracks between water pipes and the wall (under the kitchen sink and in the bath) and seal with silicone.
  2. Close the cable holders tightly and seal the electrical cable ducts.
  3. Close the spaces and holes in the exterior walls of the house with the appropriate material.
  4. Fix the skirting boards to the walls with cement.
  5. Close the waste and place it inside the containers.
  6. Remove the cardboard boxes in which the purchase will
  7. Check foodstuffs and in particular, potato sacks.

Where do roaches come from in the bathroom?

The two most common species in domestic environments are the Germanic cockroach (firefighter) and the Oriental (black roach). The infestations can spread through the use of discharge columns as a passageway, which explains, for example, the outbreaks on the upper floors of condominiums or other buildings.

The “critical points” that we will look for in the inspections, which precede the disinfestation phase, consist of a detachment of tiles from floors and walls, drainage grids or wells, deviation of the edge strips, presence of false ceilings, plasterboard separators.

If you have found these bugs running through the sink., it is best to follow these steps:

  1. Close well dental cleaning products that may be exposed to contamination by this pest.
  2. Place waste in bags (old toothpaste, toilet paper, liquid and plastic debris) in airtight plastic containers.
  3. Thoroughly clean and disinfect countertops and floors.
  4. Check possible entry routes and find appropriate solutions.
  5. Set adhesive
  6. To treat with insecticides, if it is possible to carry out cleaning with natural oils, it would be the best thing since they allow to maintain the clean area of the ecologic and standard form.

Find small roaches in bathroom

You should do a thorough cleaning, from cleaning with chlorine the ceramics, without leaving aside all the corners, the first aid kit, behind the mirror, under the sink, behind the toilet, and garbage cans. These are the main places to keep clean if you want to avoid the reproduction of these unpleasant pests.

A cockroach in your house? What to do about it?

As soon as this nasty insect found in the house, it is necessary to act immediately by notifying neighbors, landlords, or trustees, and all must work in stock because they reproduce at high speed. In an emergency, store dry food in jars, fruits, and vegetables in the refrigerator.

Never leave sweets or other food around, especially leftovers. If cockroaches can’t find food, they will eventually disappear.


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