Roaches Droppings

Have you smelled something like wet mud lately? have you seen a dark mash in the walls, on the kitchen’s floor or around the corners? if the answers are yes: we are sorry to tell you that you have roaches living in your home and what you smell and see are their droppings.

dropping roaches

If you aren’t sure yet, we recommend you to read carefully what is coming next, we will try to describe their excrements so you can finally realize if you have these disrespectful guests living with you or not, because their poops are a sign that even the experts use to seek them, so here comes the guide:

What does roach droppings look like?

It depends on the specie of the cockroach, but generally, all their excrements have a dark brown color, sometimes almost black, and are like coffee grains, it does not have pointed ends like the ones from the rats, the problem comes when you realize the ootheca, which is an egg container is almost the same. But the difference is on the size, the poops can’t be bigger than some millimeters while the egg bag can be about one or two centimeters, sometimes even bigger.

So we have a small black cylinder, smells like wet mud and is always located near to food and in the corners of your house.

About cockroach droppings identification

Now that you know hot to distinguish them from rat ones you must know that sometimes they look like stains more than a psychic cylinder because it is not solid all the time, and also, their size can differ depending on the specie, so if you see feces that you can identify, you can call an expert, because there are hundreds of species that can be infesting your home so it is hard to tell sometimes where did that excrement come from?

Don’t forget that the smallest types of roaches usually leave feces that don’t look like cylinders exactly, because their body is not big enough to shape them perfectly, this can indicate that you have young pests or that is a small-sized type, if you also see larger ones, those come from the young ones.

Do roaches leave droppings in your house?

They don’t hide their excrements at all, so of course they do! when the bugs are eating, they can be also dropping at the same time, in fact, the feces are usually found in kitchens for this reason.

However, the other popular places to find their depositions are the corners leaving a trace of their way form the nest to the food. It is important that you don’t clean it up before the exterminator arrives, because it can be a good clue of where they are hiding.

When you see a big amount of them, it means the bugs’ nest is not far away, but watch out! these excrements can spread serious infections and diseases to the people, so if you want to clean the, use protection such as plastic gloves and disinfect the zone with alcohol or bleach to kill all the bacteria left and don’t get sick while cleansing it.


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