Red Runner Roaches

In the animal kingdom, there is a group that is classified as insectivorous animals, these usually eat certain types of insects that provide them with nutritional properties necessary to be healthy.

The red cockroach is also known as the Turkestan cockroach, and little by little it has been considered a true plague in different parts of the world.

Although this cockroach is not the type of insects that like to nest inside the house, they can be found walking around in search of shelter and food.

red roaches runners

The Turkestán cockroach likes to live in a cooler climate, they like to live in cracks in the walls, and in humid places and because of this it could be said that they are more the type of cockroach you would find in a garden or on the street.

This species of cockroach is not as sensitive to light as others, and that is why it is very likely that you will see them running around by day without any problem.

Like many other species of cockroaches, the Turkestan cockroach is a propagator of many bacteria capable of causing diseases of different levels of severity.

They feed on organic waste, since they prefer sweet foods.

Red Runner Roaches Vs Dubia

The red cockroach has been gradually positioning itself in the list of live foods for certain animals, which is why it competes with the dubia cockroach in terms of being the base food of certain living beings.

The Turkestan cockroach has nutritional properties similar to those of the dubia cockroach, and they have the ability to reproduce twice as fast as these. Because of this, it is easier to obtain a greater amount of Turkestan cockroaches over time, than to obtain dubia cockroaches.

Although Turkestan cockroaches are not the most common species of cockroach, many people are starting to feed their pets like Geckos, spiders, fish, and amphibians with these cockroaches.

We can say that having a Turkestan cockroach farm to use as live food is to work much faster than a dubia cockroach farm.

How to Get Rid Of Red Runner Roaches

We all know that getting rid of cockroaches is not an easy task, we have to go to experts, hours and hours of internet search for a product that we consider good enough to kill these insects.

With this kind of cockroaches, the best thing you can do is keep the surroundings of your home clean, cover all the cracks that the concrete may have, eliminate the pots that you are not using and always have empty garbage containers regardless of whether it is for recycling or not.

You can also purchase various products to eliminate cockroaches, such as baits, gel, ultrasonic repellents and more to get rid of any that may have entered your home.

All this will help you take care of your health, preventing these insects full of bacteria and spreaders of various diseases that are close to your home.

red roaches

Red Runner Roaches for Bearded Dragons

As we have been explaining, cockroaches are a large source of nutrients for insectivorous reptiles. Providing the reptile with a large number of necessary proteins, hand in hand with a low amount of fats, this type of cockroaches are perfect for the base feeding of this other animal.

Added to that, if you give them food that provides starch, they will also be able to provide vitamin B12 and many minerals that help lengthen the reptile’s life.

Feeding your exotic pet with Turkestan cockroaches will not only help you lead a healthier life but will help you have a virtually inexhaustible food source if you provide the optimal conditions for reproduction?


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