Pine Roaches

Pine cockroaches are a quite special type of cockroach and different from other species of this annoying animal. These, like their sisters of other species, still like to enjoy dirty and warm places, where water and food crumbs abound. However, it has a plus: It loves to be close to the wood and organic waste. Leaves, tree branches, rotten trunks, rotting nuts. Any type of organic matter is the predilection of this small and disgusting animal.

The main difference between wood cockroaches and other conventional cockroaches is that they are not as light-sensitive as other cockroaches. If you try to light them at night, these cockroaches are less likely to flee for shelter inside their nest. Their ability to handle light also allows them to infest light outlets.  If you turn on an outside light, you shouldn’t be surprised to see one of these cockroaches emerge when it gets too hot in that socket.

Pine sol roaches

The Pine-Sol is a line of home care products, whose main characteristic is that it contains pine oil. As pine is a type of precious wood, its smell attracts wood cockroaches. This can be quite advantageous when it comes to eliminating wood cockroaches because it is what attracts them the most. If you happen to have a wood-powered fireplace, you’re more than likely to have this kind of annoying vermin.

It is important to note that the favorable conditions for cockroaches to live in are humid and dark places that are not cleaned frequently, as well as places with garbage or plant debris. With respect to wood, since it retains a little moisture, it may play a very important role in creating the environment where cockroaches proliferate, for example, wooden crates or kitchen shelves made of the same material, since these are dark and humid places, they are just what cockroaches like and they will surely want to nest in them.

Pine sol attract roaches

The short answer is: Yes. Pinesol containing pine oil attracts cockroaches. This is because the smell of it attracts wood cockroaches. Also try not to give them the conditions to settle in your home, once inside it is very difficult to remove them, avoid accumulating garbage and food waste inside the house and use disinfectant products for cleaning surfaces. Also, something that can play in your favor is to do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and use a caulking gun to fill in any gaps, cracks, or openings. Also, something that you can do is to cut tree branches away from your roofline to keep wood cockroaches from using them as a bridge to get onto your roof.

Does pine sol attract roaches

As a general rule, these creatures – cockroaches I mean, lead an active nightlife in human lodging and leave your shelter only when you are asleep. Facing a cockroach during the day is a very rare case, so you are perplexed about its intrepidness when you see a tracking cockroach during the day.

What you can do to get rid of them using pine-sol is to attract them with the smell of pine. And then use boric acid to kill them. Under no circumstances should you mix chlorine with pine-sol. This is because the mixture of the two substances creates a rather dangerous chemical called Chloroform. Chloroform is an anesthetic that can cause death if used in large quantities, so its use is prohibited. Do not mix pine-sol and chlorine.

Because cockroaches prefer areas with poor lighting and a large amount of moisture, such as pipes or dark corners, pouring a cup of chlorine into pipes and cracks can help kill them. This method is better than mixing chlorine and pine. Keep in mind that chlorine has corrosive properties and can rust pipes, so don’t do it regularly as it could cause leaks.

Pine sol keep roaches away

As already mentioned, the smell of pine-sol attracts cockroaches because it is made from pine oil. However, once the house is cleaned of these horrible animals, you can continue to use it regularly to keep them out of your home.  Remember that the fundamental part of eliminating these vermin is to keep your house clean.

Specifically, in the case of wood cockroaches, the best thing you can do is to clean your garden. Collect the dry leaves and prevent them from accumulating, clean and prune the trees and shrubs of your house, collect any waste that is generated in your garden. Only then can you get rid of those annoying wooden cockroaches, which carry diseases with them and give your home an ant hygienic and ant aesthetic look. If even after following these tips these vermin continue to proliferate in your home, the best thing you can do is contact professionals to take care of the problem.


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