Mini Roaches

Cockroaches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are large, and some are small. But have you ever wondered what the smallest size these horrible bugs can be? The answer is: Very, very small.

This is good (for them, obviously) because they can get into extremely small places where we wouldn’t normally think they are, but they pose a threat to us (because it means it will be much harder for us to find them and they will be able to survive much longer hidden). Knowing this, it’s a good idea to talk about the peculiarities of miniature versions of these disgusting insects.

mini roach

More about miniroaches

The bugs of this species whose dimensions are smaller do not represent a new species, nor do they represent a particular species of this animal; on the contrary, miniature versions of all the different variations of this horrible insect can be found. The reason is that the form of growth of said is determined by a gene, unlike other animals. So if this gene finds different problems, they will be of a much smaller size than expected, however, this can be beneficial for them, because it allows them to hide much easier due to its reduced size.

These animals also tend to be a little faster compared to their normal-sized counterparts. Because in comparison their small size allows them to go faster. Their brief size gives them more aerodynamic proportions, making them also more resistant to the onslaughts of wind, weather and rain. However, they are more prone to drowning. They are not usually in very humid environments (such as rivers or pipes) the reason is simple: Their short stature does not allow them to swim. They are also incapable of flying and climbing to higher heights, mainly because their wings are not at all developed, remaining as pseudo organelles throughout their existence.

How get rid mini roaches in kitchen

If you notice these animals in your kitchen, the best thing you can do is set traps. Avoid the use of poisons and chemicals because they can mix with your food and cause you a lot of problems. Another thing you could do is completely clean all your kitchen utensils, washing them with water, chlorine and soap is a good option to prevent bugs from proliferating.

In a very drastic case where you can’t deal with insects, you need to use boric acid. This can be mixed with condensed milk or with any other food, the bugs will not resist to consume it and will die almost immediately.

Placing plants such as bay leaf or cat mint is also a good option. These plants eliminate cockroaches because of their smell and the use of their oils.

How to remove mini roaches in bathroom

If, on the other hand, cockroaches are found inside your bathroom, it is quite likely that they will die sooner or later inside the bathroom because of the amounts of moisture that count inside the bathroom. They will probably die drowned by the amount of water inside the site. However, even though they are likely to die naturally, being such disgusting animals and also responsible for the transmission of a large number of diseases and terrible bacteria, it is likely that you want to eliminate them as soon as possible and without any mediation. In that case the best thing you can do is to use poisons.

The use of boric acid is a good option. The bath should be washed first. Cleaning the place is one of the most important things before you want to eliminate the insects.


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