Lobster Roaches

For many people, cockroaches are only annoying insects and carriers of trash and sickness. However, other people see beyond that.

Certain species of cockroaches have been used to feed insectivorous animals that over time people have acquired as pets.

As a result, people create their homes, farms with these species of cockroaches to have an inexhaustible source of food for their pets.

Among those species, we have lobster cockroaches, one of the favorite live foods of animals such as small lizards, spiders and praying mantises.

Lobster roaches care

roach lobster

Lobster cockroaches are a medium-sized species, and can easily be raised in a terrarium.

If you want to breed this type of cockroaches, you should know that they reproduce at high speed, which will be quite useful if you want to use them as a source of live food.

These reach sexual maturity at three months, allowing them to reproduce faster than other species.

On a monthly basis, you can get about 30 offspring of this cockroach species, taking into account that this number will decrease over time, however, as long as you give them the necessary care that will not be a problem.

When cockroaches are bred under optimal conditions, they can reach 1.25 inches, making it easier to feed other animals a little bigger like bearded dragons.

A humidity of maximum 50% of the hand with a temperature of 90ºF, is ideal for the correct proliferation of these cockroaches,

Divide the terrarium with cardboard so that cockroaches have enough darkness and feel safer to procreate.

When the lobster cockroach are born, they can live up to two years, so for each female of this species that you have in the terrarium, it is possible that you get about 360 pups.

Lobster roaches for bearded dragons

bearded dragons

The cockroach lobster is from Africa, however, today you can easily locate them in the Caribbean islands.

This species of cockroaches is ideal for feeding many insectivorous animals since they are a nutritious species.

It can provide minerals and proteins necessary for the healthy growth of these insectivorous animals.

As long as you keep your lobster cockroaches healthy, they will bring all these benefits to your pet, since what she eats will be what the animal that is fed will receive.

Lobster roaches vs dubia

If you have heard about dubia cockroaches, you know they are the first on the list of live foods that many people choose as the base food for the diet of their insectivorous pets.

They are easy to breed, make no noise, generate very little smell and are clumsy enough to climb or fly.

However, the lobster cockroach also enters that list, and unlike dubia cockroaches, lobsters are legal in countries or regions where the dubia cockroach is not.

Not only that but unlike many other cockroach species used for live food, the lobster cockroach is much cheaper.

They provide almost the same amount of nutrients as a dubia cockroach for a lower cost, so some people have decided to feed their pet with the lobster cockroach.

However, all this will depend on the decision you make and what you consider most convenient for your pet since there is a wide range of live foods that provide all the necessary nutrients at various costs.

Do not forget that the most important thing is to give your pet something he likes, so we recommend that you consider trying different races of cockroaches to feed your pet and to use the one you like, combining it occasionally with other types of food necessary for its good development.


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