Japanese Roaches

Japan is one of the countries with a more interesting culture, so it is quite common that at least at some point in your life you have the interest to visit that country to enjoy all the wonders it has to offer.

However, one of the things that aren’t as good, interesting or pretty about Japan is that they have their own cockroach species in the country. Yes, as you listen. The country has its own species of this horrible insect that absolutely no one wants or considers adorable. So if you think that these annoying invaders are inside your home, we give you some brief advice on how to recognize them and most importantly: On how to eliminate them.

roache japan

Japanese water roaches

This bug has a great variety of peculiarities. The first of these is its great level of adaptation to water. Yes, as you listen. Compared to the rest of the species of this annoying insect, the Japanese natives can swim and resist in rather cold and humid temperatures. They have a longer life cycle than usual, coming to live for periods of even two years (compared to the cycle of 3-4 months that have their companions of species) for their resistance to cold and other things related to the environment (such as wind).

They are great swimmers, being able to pass underwater without oxygen for at least 15 minutes, this makes them a very versatile species. It is quite probable that you will find it in drains and water wells (septic tanks).

How to get rid of Japanese water roaches

The first thing you have to do is recognize this kind of cockroach. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at the temperature around you when you find the bug. If they are below 5 degrees centigrade, it means that the bug belongs to the Japanese species. It is also normal to find it surrounded by a viscous liquid. This liquid is the cockroach’s defense system, which it uses primarily to prevent humans and their predators from approaching the cockroach. Once these main characteristics are found, the insects are eliminated.

There are two main elimination methods depending on the level of bug activity. If the cockroach is in its hibernation period, it will only be enough with the deep cleaning of the place where it was found (preferably using chlorine and alcohol for the elimination of the viscous liquid that they usually expel).

If, on the other hand, they are in their active state, it would be ideal to use boric acid to eliminate as many cockroaches as possible. During your activity period is the time when you make your most calorie intake. Knowing this it is important to understand what has to be done to eliminate them. The acid should not be sprayed in water, because its ability to swim will not have any effect on them, on the contrary should be left in solid bodies as their food to die as soon as possible.


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