How to Tell if you Have Roaches

Among the most common insects found in almost all homes we can count: ants, termites, bees and of course cockroaches.

These last ones are the most common insects in the whole country. It is even estimated that there are more cockroaches than human beings in the world (approximately for each one of us there are 8 of them). Knowing this it is normal that sometimes we ask ourselves: Are these bugs in my house?

First of all, to answer this question you have to look at some signs that are quite simple to identify.

How to know if you have a roach infestation?

These insects are nocturnal insects, so if you want to find them the ideal would be to turn off the lights, once you hear their feet moving everywhere, turn on the light and look where they hide. If you see daytime cockroaches, that’s a terrible sign: You’re likely to have an infestation inside your house.

If you don’t get to see them the first time, it’s pretty normal. They are slippery animals that hide easily. You can try to put a bait and they will end up arriving sooner than later, they do not resist to eat any type of food.

Vibrations and other loud sounds frighten them almost immediately, so a perfect action to make them come out of their hiding places is to throw the doors and make loud sounds, so they will get out of their hiding places.

Another way to identify if these pesky bugs are inside your home is by the smell, this is not easy but there are people who have a great sense of smell and the smell that these insects have is very characteristic, so if you’re one of those people with a super nose, you can tell whether or not there are in your house.

Their droppings are very visible, brown or black in color and are usually everywhere. That’s another way to identify them.

How to know if you have a roach problema?

Most cockroaches are nocturnal insects. During this period, they search for water, food, and mate. During the day, on the other hand, they tend to remain hidden in resting areas.

Although it may seem ironic, it is precisely at this moment when they are most dangerous, since their predilection to take refuge in various materials for private use such as electrical appliances, bags, clothes, furniture or other items, allow them to enter new areas completely unnoticed.

The presence of these bugs is usually detected by two basic clues: the damage they cause during feeding, or by fecal matter deposited in the most frequented areas.

The damage they cause during feeding is due to their small jaws, which they use to make their way through a variety of both organic and non-organic materials.

The second sign as we mention before is the faeces, which we have already mentioned. The faeces of small species of this insect are black, similar to pepper or ground coffee, barely 1 mm long, while the faeces of large species are cylindrical about 15 mm long and black or brown.


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