How to report Roaches in a Restaurant

The presence of these in any space with human existence supposes an authentic sanitary hygienic problem that must be tackled to guarantee the hygiene and the prestige of the establishment.

Nothing can take away your appetite faster than seeing a cockroach on the counter of the delicatessen, or the restaurant you have just entered. Cockroaches in living spaces are bad enough, but when introduced into dining spaces, they are bad news for restaurant owners, current and future customers alike.

Due to the possibility of contaminating food, cockroaches can significantly affect food safety, as well as having an economic and branding effect. The sole detection of an individual of this pest can cause the closing of a restaurant by agents of the Veterinary Service or Fraud Control. Loss of revenue, customer loyalty, and brand damage can be irreparable.

How and Why Cockroaches Can Affect Food Security

Although cockroaches prefer to stay hidden, they also need to be fed. They will dare to come out when it is quiet to look for food and water. They are not too selective in their food preferences, they feed on garbage and processed food. To get the food, they can go through the floor and trash, then crawl on the surfaces of the equipment that is in contact with the food.

Cockroaches in the restaurant kitchen What to do?

Pest infestations in restaurants, catering companies, apart from causing an economic problem, pose a high risk of infection for customers.

All pests contaminate food, and one of the significant sources of contamination is the flies that, along with cockroaches, carry thousands of bacteria, including salmonella. We already know the damage that social networks can do because with adverse criticism, especially when it comes to pests, it is quite difficult to regain a good reputation and recover the top name.


In general, cockroaches are introduced to restaurants and food service establishments by deliveries, suppliers, or even employee belongings. Some species may move between buildings and enter them through drainage pipes. Once they come, they survive when food and water are available. They reproduce quickly and work hard to get into cracks and crevices that provide heat and moisture.

What you can do to prevent a cockroach infestation

Some measures can be taken to prevent the entry of cockroaches and other pests:

  • Merchandise Entry Inspection: Monitor deliveries for the presence of pests and reject those with signs of contamination.
  • Structural Modifications: Repair and seal cracks and crevices through which pests may enter. Keep barriers and doors sealed to prevent the entry of pests.
  • Sanitation: Prevent pest access to food and water by carefully cleaning up spills of food, grease, and other debris on floors, countertops, stoves, and other surfaces. Maintain garbage areas, repair leaking faucets and pipes, and clean drains.
  • Notify your pest control provider: If you see cockroaches or other pests, notify your pest service company immediately.

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