How to Keep Roaches Away

how keep roaches away

You are going to your kitchen to have the dinner, so you take a look at your sink and… oh no! it is full of cockroaches and they are not washing the dishes exactly. How could this have happened? the house is clean and there are no food rests around, this must be a nightmare…

This scene may seem familiar to you because all of us have suffered these encounters. Mosquitos, bed bugs, flies… they always find a way to sneak into your house and there is no way to avoid it, however, an insect is nothing to be worried about, but in case you see many of them you can be victim of a infestation which is a serious issue, this should actually worry you, the insects can take over and make your home an unhabitable place. It is commonly said that roaches are attracted by food and water but this is not hundred percent right, there is something more attractive to them.

At this point, you are asking yourself what can attract these insects more than food and water. They need both of them to survive, without them there can’t be any opportunity to live another day, so how come there is something more attracting to them than those? What is really attracting them above everything?

There are food and water all around: in the parks, in the streets, in the beaches… but what is even harder to be found? if you were left alone, what would you look for the first? probably a new house, a new apartment… what are we talking about?

Of course, the answer is the shelter, they are always looking for a nice place to stay, let’s see how you can make your house a worse place for all of them, not letting any food, water or comfortable place for them. You can also use chemical solutions but if you don’t trust chemical products there are some more options.

How to keep roaches away naturally

First off, you have to clean your house as much as you can. Don’t let any leftover or water around, especially at the kitchen and cockroaches will not come.

The lemon juice can help you out! the smell of the lemon is very disgusting for those insects, they always try to be as far as they can from it, so if you spray it on the floors, the bugs will find another home, also, this smell is very enjoyable for humans, like a natural parfum, so maybe this is one of the best tips.

Diatomaceous earth is the best repellent for them though, it is not toxic for humans and pets at all, its smell is almost imperceptible and is cheap. It works pretty well because as it gets eaten by the bugs, the crystal of the diatomaceous earth start to make holes in their organs and pierce their stomach, they start to suffer and die one by one until the entire colony disappears. It might sound awful to you but killing them is the best way to get rid of the plague.

How to keep roaches away from apartment

When you live in an apartment it is like you are living in a giant house, so if other apartments in the building have been infested yours is infested too. The only way to keep them away is using some methods that we will describe on here

The first method we can recommend you is buying electronic ultrasonic pests repellers, you only have to plug them and they emit ultrasounds that travel through the pipes and walls creating a wall of sound that damages their “ears”. This is very effective because it protects your apartment and the ones which are next to yours, creating a true barrier that will not be trespassed.

Deploy traps in the kitchen and also in the entrance. The pests that have ignored the ultrasounds will be weak and confused so they will crawl easier to the traps and die there. It is also a good way to calculate how many of them are living in the building, if you see the number of corpses descend, it is a good new.

How to keep roaches away while you sleep in night

The bugs you find in your bedroom are the ones who are reproducing there so you should spray some boric acid in the windows and on the floor because is very effective, this poison works great and they will die while they infect the whole colony, causing a true destruction on their families and also in other insects that may be crawling around.

How to keep roaches away from bed, best tips

Use your vacuum cleaner. The eggs and the smallest insects will be destroyed even if you can’t see them, if they see that there is an active haunting of the eggs they won’t feel safe in your apartment and will go to another one, their descendants are too important and the roaches won’t put their eggs at risk.

What plants keep roaches away

If you leave bay leaves on your furniture, generally inside the drawers and closets, the smell of it will ward them off, they are not toxic for people but don’t let your pets eat them, they could have some problems on their digestive systems. Other useful plants are: mint, rosemary and catnip.


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