How to Get Roaches out of Ps4

Videogame consoles are one of the acquisitions that many households come to consider indispensable, no matter if there are children or if there are only adults/young people. These devices guarantee hours of incredible fun. However, a flaw in the PlayStation family of consoles is that on certain models cockroaches would make their nest inside the console.

Playstation cockroackes, Why?

That’s because this console has a slot big enough for cockroaches to get inside and when the console heats up it becomes its perfect breeding ground. But that doesn’t mean you can’t remove these annoying animals from your console. Although customer service doesn’t have a solution to this problem, there are several homemade ways to eliminate these bugs.

How to killing cockroaches in ps4

These cockroaches not only make your nest inside the console but also begin to destroy the internal circuitry of the console. You can spend hundreds of dollars cleaning the console or probably just do it on your own. This way you can prevent cockroaches from destroying the internal architecture of your PS4. First of all, you have to completely prevent cockroaches from getting inside your console. Clean it as much as you can and avoid playing while you eat so that the crumbs don’t contaminate the electronic device. If in spite of that, the cockroaches manage to make their way to the inside of the console, you have to eliminate it following the following instructions:

  • The system must be disconnected and disassembled, preferably in an illuminated location.
  • It uses compressed air to clean the entire interior of the machine. It’s your first choice before using chemicals.
  • If you know electrical engineering, you can try disassembling the power supply to check for cockroaches there. If there are, use compressed air.
  • Put it back together.

How to get roaches out of ps4 slim

The first element that makes the PS4 suitable for cockroaches is the ventilation grilles, which are wider and located at the bottom of the console, so they can enter relatively easily. Then there’s the internal power supply itself, which has some pretty big holes to go through, and when it’s heated up when we plug it in, it becomes a nice, dark area to live in. But the biggest problem with this is not that you live inside, but that you grow and develop inside. If a cockroach is unlucky enough to touch two points where energy is concentrated simultaneously, it can die electrocuted and destroy the power supply in the process.

In the case of a PS4 slim, you can follow the same steps that are used with the pro model. In addition to this if you live in a place where there are enough of these insects it is important to have the console outdoors, where it has enough airflow to breathe. It should also be in a high place so the cockroaches don’t get there.  And of course, it’s also a good idea to regularly clean your house and check its vents from time to time for any suspicious stains.


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