How to get rid of Roaches in Car

Imagine you’re driving down the road at full speed. Suddenly, while driving extremely fast you find yourself in the corner of your eye with the flash of what appears to be the leg of a cockroach. It is very likely that in your life you have encountered cockroaches before, these small and dirty animals are found in almost every house in the world.

It is even estimated that there are more cockroaches than human beings. But they can’t get in your car… right? The truth is, for these bugs. Not even your car is safe.

How to get rid of roaches in your car

The first thing you have to ask yourself is: How did the cockroaches get in your car in the first place? Unless you have a broken window, it’s hard to imagine that these creatures could find a way in. But cockroaches, like mice, are intelligent creatures, and if they find food, they will find a way in. Something in their car – most likely the food – is attracting cockroaches. If you have problems with flooding in your car, they can also be there looking for water.

Like people, cockroaches need two things to survive: food and water. If you eat in your car (and you probably do it, we’ve done it all before), you may be involuntarily inviting these insects into your vehicle. Leftover crumbs, empty wrappers, and fast food bags are like cockroach magnets.

Quickest way to get rid of roaches in car

The fastest way to get rid of cockroaches is to clean the car. They got in your car because they smelled the food. Remove their food source, and they will immediately leave the car and not return. Start by throwing away as many bags of food and containers as you can find. Don’t forget to throw away the old empty cups, too. Throw away any garbage you can find. Search every inch of your car to make sure you’ve disposed of all the trash. Many people also recommend throwing away any empty boxes you may have in your car because cockroaches will eat the glue on the tape in the box. It will also provide you with a good place to hide.

Once you have completely cleaned the chassis of the car, give the interior of your car a complete vacuum, clean every corner of it. If you have, shampoo the carpets to clean them thoroughly. Removing all trash and cleaning your carpets will go a long way towards discouraging cockroaches from coming back.

You took the time to clean your car and now it’s impeccable. But if you eat in your car again, you are going to send another invitation to the cockroaches that have just left. You’re practically saying, “Hey, everybody! I left you some crumbs. Eat and enjoy!” As difficult as it may be, try to avoid eating in your car whenever you can. If you have to eat, clean up immediately. Even go as far as vacuuming if you can. Remove all drinks and leftover food trash to minimize the chances of cockroaches coming back.

How to get rid of german roaches in car

The fastest way to eliminate cockroaches, regardless of whether they are German or not is to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or Boric Acid. Most of the tricks used to keep cockroaches out of your home can also be used to keep them out of your car. Diatomaceous earth and boric acid are two of the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches.

Just a word of caution here – if you have children or pets traveling with you, you may want to avoid using boric acid. It can be toxic to animals and humans if ingested enough, so it’s better to be safe than sorry here. Diatomaceous earth is safe for both children and pets. You can even rub diatomaceous earth on your pet’s skin to kill fleas – It is a versatile remedy.

How to get rid of cockroaches in car naturally

If the infestation is really bad and the boric acid/diatomaceous earth trick didn’t work, you can also try a cockroach mist. However, you’ll want to be careful about taking this approach. Remember, you’re going to spray poison in small rooms. And once the fumigation is over, you’ll have to leave the windows down to completely ventilate the car.

When the bug pump has finished working and you’ve eliminated the cockroaches, you’ll have to open all the doors and let the car air out for a few hours. You may also want to use heat or air conditioning for 10 minutes to clean the vents. Although fumigators are generally quite effective at killing cockroaches, you may want to consider this as a last resort move.


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