How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in a Restaurant

Cockroaches are insects that adapt easily to any surface, whether closets, floors, walls, cupboards, etc.. For that reason, it should not surprise you that your restaurant is an ideal target for these unpleasant plagues. If you are worried about whether you are being infested, find out about a series of signs that will allow you to know if your restaurant is a hotel of these unpleasant animals so you can only take the necessary measures to control the plague.

Restaurants are ideal for cockroaches to make a living, providing them with food, warmth and many places to hide, so you need to spend enough time inspecting the premises for irrefutable evidence of the presence of the pest.

A revealing sign of their existence is excrement, for wherever they pass they leave their faeces. You can easily recognize the waste because they have a certain resemblance to ground coffee or pepper, when infestation is imminent the concentrations of excrement of these insects is abundant.

If you find rows of dirt in the corners of the walls of your premises, do not waste time and call the experts of Ant Pest Control, so that they proceed to disinsectate the establishment.

Tips about how to get rid of roaches in a restaurant

  • Establish a daily cleaning program

Which includes sweeping and daily cleaning, and do not forget the rear parts of the refrigeration chambers and kitchens.

  • Establish a weekly deep cleaning program

Where the cleaning is more aggressive, in which the general washing of the whole area is carried out. If this is done daily it would be much better.

  • Evaluate the illumination

Of the premises, since in some cases it is insufficient and this deficiency is taken advantage of by the cockroach of kitchen since this one displaces by dark areas of little illumination.

  • Evaluate the temperature in the kitchen

And try to control this temperature with the help of windows with mosquito nets, fans and air extractors, so that the high temperatures are not concentrated and avoid that the Germanic blatellas find this condition that helps them to settle down.

Best way to get rid of roaches in restaurant

In the inspection stage, the kitchen, the warehouse and the living room are mainly verified. If there is a bar of liquors, this is also considered), then the verification of annexed areas is carried out. The inspection is carried out with the help of a flashlight, which allows to detect spaces where the cockroaches are hidden, considering that the kitchen cockroaches flee from the light. An interview is also conducted with the person in charge of the area and with the kitchen workers in order to obtain information about the presence of cockroaches and the places where they have seen them.

If at the inspection stage it is determined that the type of application should be…

Preventive Fumigation

The recommended application is in liquid using the spray system and Thermo Nebulization (the famous smoke, this as a system of expulsion if required) and then after at least a week, an application of cockroach gel at critical points is made as a preventive measure.

Corrective Fumigation

The number of applications should extend to 3 or 4 sessions, in order to control and eliminate the Germanic blatellas. Considering that the first application controls a high percentage of adult cockroaches and nymphs, the second application eliminates the few adult cockroaches and nymphs that have hatched from eggs in the form of a capsule called ootheca), the third application eliminates nymphs and some adults, and in the last application should place cockroach gel as part of the support of the control program.


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