How to Get id of roaches Coming from Neighbors

If you live in the city, or an apartment complex, you probably have neighbors, your neighbors can be great people to live with and hang out with, but sometimes they can be a problem because they can share undesirable guests with you. What do we mean? Well, we’re talking about cockroaches. That’s right, these animals can enter your space through your neighbors.

Do you want to learn how to get rid of them? All you need to do is read here and we will explain in detail how these annoying beings enter your home, how to get rid of them and how to prevent your neighbors from reintroducing them into your home.

First of all, you have to remember that cockroaches proliferate mainly in messy and dirty places, so if your house meets either of these two conditions, assume that no matter what you try to do to eliminate them, they will always find a way back in.

Eliminate any food source: crumbs, leftovers, food waste. It also eliminates water or any source of liquids. This is basically because although cockroaches manage to survive weeks without food if you kill their primary life sources, they will be easier to destroy.

How to keep my neighbor’s cockroaches out of my house

Once you have your house completely clean and in order, you should do a general overhaul of it. Check walls and corners for cracks. These, no matter how small, usually attract more cockroaches in an endless cycle. Once you identify the cracks, place boric acid and then seal them, so if there were cockroaches you would kill them and in turn prevent more of them from entering. In the same way, check the pipes and heating ducts, looking for openings, since inside them usually, the cockroaches make their nests.

When you check all those places for vermin, don’t forget to leave traps. The best thing is to leave it in the form of things that cockroaches can eat, remember that they eat whatever it is, so setting them up with something related or similar to food is the best thing you can do. Boric acid with sugar or sodium bicarbonate with rancid beer is a very effective way to get their attention and kill them quickly.

Once you have eliminated the cockroaches, always remember to keep your space clean and check regularly for openings. If you have a vacuum at home, vacuum it. Sometimes cockroaches leave eggs that can end up in an infestation, but vacuum cleaners take them away because of their size and low wind resistance. Covering drains (both kitchen and bathroom) is a good idea the same way. It allows you to control the humid places where cockroaches like to make their nests.

Finally, as a touch of gold, you can get shrubs and medicinal plants, such as bay leaves or catmint. The smell of this kind of plants completely drive away from the cockroaches, they do not like and can even kill them because of the same. Besides, their smell will give a pleasant touch to your house and you can use them to cook and decorate.


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