How to get rid of roaches without an exterminator

Sometimes, when cockroaches are too many, you may need an exterminator. However, this option is often too uncomfortable, because not only is it usually quite late in eliminating these bugs, but it is also quite expensive for what it represents. Also usually the chemicals used in this kind of cleaning end up being very harmful to health and remain residually on walls, furniture, and other household clothing.

Therefore this kind of cleaning should be considered as the last option in case of an infestation, so we share a few tips and tricks to prevent the cockroaches take control of your home and you have to resort to this uncomfortable practice.

How to get rid of german roaches without an exterminator

One of the most common types of cockroaches found in homes and restaurants is the German cockroach. Some ways to kill them might be gel baits, bait stations, and sticky traps, as well as boric acid, which is quite effective. However, a combination of these methods will be necessary for cases where the pest is greater.

You can place baits in darker places in the kitchen and bathrooms, such as behind the refrigerator, oven, and toilet, as well as inside the sideboards in both the bathroom and kitchen.

One of the most basic methods is to attract German cockroaches with bait and catch them. You can start by using gel baits. These baits come in tubes, which you must squeeze to apply the gel. Do it along window and door edges, behind garbage cans and along with the doors of bathroom and kitchen dressers, as well as under kitchen and bathroom sinks, especially at the point where the pipe attaches to the wall.

It also applies the gel to cracks in kitchen drawers, higher shelves and along the underside of walls. Apply the gel in places that small children and pets (if any) cannot access.

You can also choose to use a bait station. These consist of poison enclosed in a plastic frame that cockroaches can enter through small holes to access the bait.  Place these traps against the wall and in the corners of crowded places such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Also, place them behind the refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, toilet and other appliances in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as under the dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer, and boiler.

One of the best things you can do to get rid of them quickly is to look for cockroach droppings (which resemble ground black pepper) so you can identify the busiest areas.

The last option you can think of is using sticky traps. They contain pheromones, which will attract cockroaches. After entering the trap, they will stick together and eventually suffocate. These traps should also be placed against the wall and in the corners of crowded areas.

Be sure to place them in the same places where you place the bait stations.

Do not spray any of these types of traps with insecticides or cleaning products, as this will contaminate them and keep cockroaches away from them.

How to get rid of roaches FAST without an exterminator

However, the most effective way to eliminate cockroaches without an exterminator is to use all three of the above methods at the same time. However, if you want to further increase their effectiveness and end cockroaches once and for all without the need for an exterminator, the best thing you can do is combine them with the use of boric acid.

You can apply the acid with a feather bulb. This way, you can apply only a thin layer. Apply a thin layer of powder along the floor and walls of the bathroom and kitchen by squeezing the bulb, making sure you can barely see the layer with the naked eye and don’t apply too much acid. Otherwise, the cockroaches will detect it and won’t come near it.

The main recommendation that can be given in case you decide for this method is that you do not apply boric acid with a spoon. Because the application can be irregular. This acid is readily available in hardware stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and even Walmart. Avoid applying the acid on kitchen countertops, particularly if there’s where you prepare food because it can be long-lasting and can cause poisoning. Remember that it is a chemical product, so it is not recommended to leave it within reach of children or pets.

The last recommendation you may be given regarding the use of this product is to apply it between the walls. To do this, use a drill to make a hole in the gypsum wallboard.  The hole must be large enough to fit the bulb tip.  Then squeeze it to apply the acid into the walls.  Since this is the most common place cockroaches nest, you will likely find them and they will die directly.


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