How to Finding Dead Roaches after Spraying

These unwanted guests that, without prior notice, sneak into our homes, attacking wetter facilities, are vehicles of several pathogenic microorganisms that are dangerous to both humans and animals and can damage food through contamination with feces, saliva, molt and dead insects.

Finding cockroaches at home is never such a pleasant scene, especially if during the visit we notice that one of them is dead and supine. But why are they upside down? This happens mainly due to a death caused by insecticides.

Here is the reason why insects die upside down. At that time, as you cannot control your muscles, all you have to do is surrender to the position that nature forces you to take.

Admit it; you never thought that even roaches could have these involuntary contractions caused by the absence of nerve impulses. How many times have you found this bugs upside down?

Prevent new infestations of cockroaches at home

The following methods only serve to prevent an infestation. If you have not yet eliminated the threat from your home, everything you read below is useless. Therefore, is recommend taking measures to eradicate as soon possible.

Cockroach pest control: natural degreasing methods

The disinfestation sector is updated continuously methods to eliminate this pest, always studying new and more effective ways to fight quickly and permanently. Even the products used for the elimination of chemical gases are in continuous transformation, to be increasingly effective against pests and less toxic to humans.

Keep the house clean

The best way to keep this insect away is to keep the house clean. Food should not be kept open in the kitchen or dining room. You should always wash the dishes after meals and store food scraps quickly, and you should immediately clean the crumbs or food waste, especially on the floor. Another trick is to keep the garbage basket covered with a lid so that cannot enter. Germanic cockroach, for example, generally hide in areas where you can also find food.

Remove waste in the garden

Many people ask: the roaches in the house where they come from? Well, can easily found in our garden, and love to hide in rotten wood, straw, or plant clippings.

Therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean the garden to avoid the establishment of  plagues outside the home. During the cold season, they will migrate into the house in search of heat.


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