How many Roaches is an Infestation

There is not an exact number that can be defined as an infestation, but you can try to see if your home is occupied by the pests by looking at some signs that occur at every single case of massive presence of cockroaches.

Signs of a roach infestation

You see any pests even with daylight: These bugs literally hate the natural light, so they only can be seen crawling when it is dark, so if you are watching a few of them at day, you can be sure there are too many hidden and one of them went to look for a new hiding place because the first one is probably full already.

If you’re smelling something oily or something like wet mud, be careful because that oil smell is cause by an oleic acid they produce whenever they die and the corpse starts to rot. Nevertheless, the wet mud one is cause by their excrements, with usually form a big mash, a dark colored one that has a specific odor you will recognize instantly after the first time you perceive it. These mean that cockroaches are dying in your house, which can indicate there are plenty of them.

How to see how many of them are there?

At this point, you are sure there is a plague and just want to see how bad the problem is. To do this, just spray some water with sugar and honey in the floor. Then, turn the lights off at night and go hide yourself. Wait for some minutes (from ten to twenty) and then go to this homemade trap, you will see a big reunion of pests and this will indicate you how far they have gone.

How can I know how bad is the situation?

When you deploy this trap and watch them, if there are bugs of all sizes, the problem is real. It means they are reproducing in any secret hiding inside your home and if you don’t seek for professional help maybe you’re making a mistake because this could be something you can’t handle yourself.

I have been infested, now what’s next?

If the situation has gone too far, you can use boric acid and lemon parfum to get rid of some of them, but you will need an exterminator to use chemical products and find their nests so they can kill also the eggs, this is the only way to really make them disappear, otherwise you are fighting an uncontrollable plague that grows every single day, one that can bear having half of its population killed without being at serious risk.

Don’t doubt it, if you discover an high number of them, don’t try to fight it alone because they have lived millions of years to adapt and survive in the worst conditions anyone can even imagine.


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