How long can Roaches live in a Plastic Bag

Cockroaches have a higher survival rate than other bugs found in nature. They have the title of insects that can survive for a long time without consuming any kind of liquid or food. They are also one of the species of insects that can be under unsuitable conditions without even being immute.

By making this clear we can understand why they are formidable insects. Now, how long can these animals spend in a plastic bag? They could actually eat the bag. However, other questions you can ask yourself are the following.

death roaches

How long can roaches live without food

These insects can survive long periods of at least 45 days without feeding. To put this into perspective, humans can go through fasting periods of up to 20 days without entering a critical state of starvation. In addition, they can go without liquids for a period of up to 10 days.

Experiments carried out on cockroaches whose heads were mutilated managed to establish that these animals could continue living without the same and the only reason why they died was because of the lack of food and liquids. So no, cutting off the head of these annoying animals is not the best solution to paralyze them, since you will only be able to annoy them.

Another curious thing about these animals is their ability to live without air. Yes, as you hear it, they can live at least 45 minutes without air, they do this by reducing their cardiac work to a minimum and making their heart beat only once every 5 minutes. This was proven by putting some of them on a vacuum chamber and seeing their adaptive capacity inside it.

What do they eat?

Cockroaches unlike other animals do not have such a sophisticated diet, on the contrary, it is quite likely that they will simply end up eating whatever they find in the middle of their way. Even if it sounds rather derisory, it may be easier to answer that it’s what they don’t eat rather than what they eat. Why? Because these scavenger bugs are among the least demanding in the insect kingdom.

The cockroach has three elements that allow it to be so voracious. First, it is omnivorous. This means that they eat both plants and animals. Secondly, it is an opportunistic eater who will eat everything you have at home, as long as, here, the third element appears, the food is organic (i.e., not metal, plastic, etc.).


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