How do Roaches Mate

Cockroaches are animals that have reproductive cycles and sexual life quite peculiar compared to other animals that are in nature.

They have sexual life cycles that vary from one species to another even within themselves. That is why it is important to pay attention to these cycles, so you can know if in your house there are sexually active insects and also know how to deal with them and avoid their reproduction everywhere in your house.

If you manage to find the signs that we will describe next, the most advisable thing that you can do is to hire a team of fumigation.

How do roaches reproduce?

Depending on the species, the reproduction of these insects may vary. Most are oviparous (meaning they can lay eggs for the bug reproduction) but some others are ovoviviparous (meaning that even though they lay eggs, they keep them inside their bodies to achieve reproduction as if it were a baby).

These are the most important characteristics that can be summarized regarding these bugs reproduction, however there are other characteristics related to the social reproduction of these horrible and repulsive bugs that you can recognize to prevent them from proliferating throughout your home and infect your family with diseases.

Oviparous cockroaches

In this case, the offspring of the bugs grow in eggs that are housed inside a capsule attached to the abdomen of the female and that provides them with food. The amount of eggs contained within the insect varies from species to species. Some females detach from the capsules and bury it shortly before the eggs hatch. In any case, the common characteristic of all species of these insects is that they reproduce in filling their abdomen with a moist liquid that allow the eggs to develop.

Oviviparous cockroaches

The reproduction of ovoviviparous variation of these insects differs from the first case in that the eggs do not grow in the abdomen but inside the mother without that protective capsule. Before birth, cockroach offspring feed inside the egg, just as birds do, but instead of being in a nest, like birds, they live inside the female, as in mammals.

How often do roaches reproduce?

The newborn version of these horrible insects are called nymphs and are usually white. After a short time, they acquire their characteristic brown tonality and their exoskeleton (carapace) hardens. They have the same appearance as the adult specimens, in reduced size and without wings.

How do these bugs reproduce? The duration of this process also varies from one species to another. In some cases it lasts a few weeks and in others, or as in the oriental species, one or two years.

It also differs the amount of cockroaches that can originate in a year, although in any case are many. A female American cockroach and its first clutch can produce 800 specimens in twelve months, but the German variant in its first clutch can produce 300,000 insects in the same time.

This fact gives us an idea of how difficult it is to kill cockroaches when they begin to reproduce. For this reason, the most prudent thing to do is to prevent them from nesting in our house because, otherwise, they can cause a plague in a short time.


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