Giant Cave Roaches

There are exist many species of cockroaches, there are those that we know almost all and that are classified as potential indoor pests, then depending on the habitat we find different species that vary in sizes, shapes, and color.

We have cockroaches that are very small as well as those that are called “giant cockroaches”.

giant roaches cave

These giant cockroaches have been raised under special conditions that have allowed them to reach that size.

From adequate temperatures to the exact level of humidity, they are conditions that have been given overtime for cockroaches to evolve and achieve such sizes.

Among those giant insect species, we have the giant cave cockroach, which can reach a size of 9cm to 13cm if the conditions are perfect.

More about giant cave cockroach

The giant Cave cockroach is considered one of the largest species that exist in this type of insects.

When these cockroaches are reared with sufficient space and humidity, they can reach large sizes, as this allows you to better perform the shedding of skin needed to grow.

Unlike many other cockroaches, it does not enter the list of those that are considered indoor pests, since you will hardly see them entering your home or establishment to seek refuge.

These prefer to have their burrows underground, therefore it is more an outdoor cockroach, however, the male prefers to live on the surface, so you can enter a house or establishment by mistake when being attracted to the lights.

People decide to breed this species of cockroach to feed insectivorous animals such as spiders, reptiles and more.

This cockroach is mostly used to feed the largest specimens of these insectivores. Since a few giant cockroaches in the cave can provide you with the same nutrients as larger amounts of smaller-sized cockroaches.

Giant cave cockroach care

Caring for giant cave cockroaches is similar to the care that dubia cockroaches have to have, and despite not requiring much for reproduction, some care must be taken to keep other aspects stable.

These cockroaches, when they grow up in captivity, can die a little after reaching adulthood, however, if they survive the first week after having their last molt, they can live for a long time.

This species of cockroach is able to eat almost anything, however, we recommend feeding your giant cockroaches in the cave with vegetables and fruits, which provide good nutrients, which will be transferred to the insectivorous animal that eats them, helping it to have a good diet.

You must provide enough space for them to grow properly, as well as ensure that the temperature levels do not exceed 80ºF or are less than 70ºF.

Controlling humidity will also be an important issue for the health and proper development of these cockroaches, 80% being a perfect level for this.

These cockroaches are ideal for breeding, since they do not make noise, do not generate odors, do not scale or can fly.

Giant cave roach life cycle

The giant Cave cockroach can live quite a long time if it overcomes the adversities of growing in captivity.

From 1 year and a half to 2 years is the life of these animals, and like other species, they can reproduce monthly, reaching about 40 offspring.

The process of reproduction of this cockroach is similar to that of most, and it is that through the release of pheromones made by the female, the male arrives to deposit his sperm, and in a time of 28 to 30 days the young are born.



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