Garden Roaches

One of the most common pests that can appear in your garden is insects such as cockroaches. Feeding on virtually every type of plant found in nature, the garden represents one of the favorite habitats of these horrible, filthy bugs.Fortunately, there are quite simple ways to destroy and get rid of these insects, from fairly basic, homemade pest control to the use of professional poisons and large-caliber traps.

Pest control in your orchards and gardens is something basic and important to avoid deadly infections and the transmission of diseases that can harm your lifestyle and that of your loved ones.

roaches in garden

How to rid roaches in garden

The first thing you have to do to eliminate these annoying animals from your personal oasis is to identify them. This way, if you know what you are facing, you will be able to eliminate it in an easier, quicker and simpler way. So you can also rule out that it’s not another pest that is parasitizing your place and destroying your flowers. Remember that while many plants can destroy your orchard in similar ways, the way you have to eliminate them is completely different and unique.

That’s why you have to think and recognize both the bugs you work with and the types of plants you have in your orchard, because if you use the wrong poison you could end up ruining it.

One of the things you can try to eliminate these vermin naturally is to plant medicinal species. This kind of species contains chemicals and odors that can cause a lot of problems for this horrific bugs, from causing confusion to causing death (which can be your main goal). The best plants you can use are bay leaf, catnip and common mint. All of these contain essential oils that will eliminate all cockroaches in the blink of an eye. In addition to this their presence can be extremely useful as it will give a distinctive touch to your personal oasis.

Roaches in vegetable garden

If your orchard contains fruits and vegetables it can be a little more complicated to do the cleaning of the plagues. This is because the use of poisons and chemicals can cause plants to end up ruining and spoiling, rotting. So what you can do to eliminate these insects from your orchard is to put boric acid in the mouths of the pipes, as these are the main places where cockroaches usually make their nests because they meet the ideal characteristics for them (being humid, closed, dark or with little sunlight and allows them access to their favorite food site: your garden). Another option is to set more conventional traps, such as sticky ones, using condensed tallow milk to attract them.

How to prevent roaches in the garden

Now, if you managed to eliminate each and every one of those annoying animals inside your home orchard or your particle orchard, what you have to do is to keep them as far away from there as possible for as long as possible (because unfortunately, as if it were a horror movie, they always come back). So knowing that the best thing you can do is to keep using the same methods you did to eliminate them. Continuing to add boric acid and caring for and increasing the amount of medicinal plants in your place are two of the main things you can do to keep the vermin from returning to your orchard. If you maintain these good practices in your personal oasis it is unlikely that they will ever have an interest in your home again, at least in a long time.


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