Florida Woods Cockroach

Florida is a hot state with one of the most incredible faunas in all of the American Caribbean, however something that makes it a little terrifying and sad in equal parts is the presence of wooden cockroaches throughout the state. The reason is that these cockroaches are native to the state.

To be more exact these cockroaches were introduced when the territory was being colonized by the first pilgrims. Upon arrival in the Florida area it adapted too well to the subtropical climate, which is why it is basically one of the animals that are most present within the entire ecosystem. However sometimes it can be too annoying, so it is important to learn to recognize it in order to eliminate it.

wood roaches florida

Florida woods cockroach vs american cockroach

The main difference between the native Florida cockroach and the cockroach found throughout the United States is two: Its rounded body as if it were a small water balloon and its smaller size relative to other species. Its body is adjusted that way because it allows it to store heat when it becomes a ball. In the same way it also allows you to transport yourself faster compared to your predators and your fellow species. The second point is of equal importance, as it allows you to keep your distance and hide in places that conventionally a cockroach would not be able to reach.

Another point that distinguishes the Florida cockroach from its close cousins is that it had a perfect adaptation to the hot and humid climate of Florida. The rest of the cockroaches, although they prefer the humid places, this does not refer to the climate, but rather to the places where they usually make their nests. Most of them prefer rather dry and temperate climates, being precisely this cockroach the exception to the rule.

Florida woods cockroach control

How can you deal with the pests of this vermin? The simple and simple answer would be: Seek help from a fumigator. Because of the distinguishing characteristics, the Florida wood cockroach is one of the most resistant species of all subspecies of these insects. They resist low and high temperatures alike, as well as temperate, arid, and humid climates. Having this great resistance capacity, it is quite clear that it cannot be eliminated by means of homemade methods and that the best way to control a pest, no matter how small, is to hire professional fumigators to take care of everything related to extermination.

However, if you want to try your luck using home remedies, you can try using boric acid in your garden. Cockroaches usually make their nests outside your home (because they prefer to feed on leaves and grass, hence their name) so spreading boric acid all over the garden, poisoning their food is an almost 100 percent assured solution to your pest problem. Another option is to fill your garden with bay leaves and cat mint leaves. Both plants are completely abhorred by cockroaches because their smell is completely noxious to them, plus they will give your garden an atmosphere that will delight your guests.

This species of insects, despite being a bit disgusting and terrifying, turn out to be quite fascinating if they are seen with a critical eye due to their great adaptive capacity with their environment, however with the methods we have just mentioned in this article it is very probable that you can eliminate all of them completely from your home. Just follow these methods and in less than a rooster crows, they will be out of your house.


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