Finding Dead Roaches

Finding dead insects is the most normal thing in the world, but it’s also normal to worry and ask “How did that get there?” It’s a common concern and even more so when it comes to the corpse of a cockroach.

finding roaches dead

The reasons why you might find a the corpse of cockroach inside your house are quite diverse, ranging from the fact that it lost a fight against its natural predator to the effect of an insecticide that you used a long time ago (so long that you had even forgotten that you had used it). On this occasion we will resolve this doubt.

Why am i finding dead roaches in my House?

First of all you should ask yourself: Have you used any kind of insecticide in the last 90 DAYS? If the answer is yes, then it’s highly likely that’s why you find cockroach corpses in your home, many insecticides are long-lasting.

Now, it’s also likely that if you have laurel leaves or cat mint, you’ll find corpses of these buggers. Remember that these kinds of medicinal plants kill cockroaches.

Now it can also be the sign that cockroaches are being hunted for something bigger. It can be something simple (like your pet cat) or a worse pest (like mice or other insects) so pay attention.

How to finding dead roaches in house

These annoying bugs are extremely slippery insects, so it is highly likely that if you kill them with some poison or spray they will end up fleeing to their nest. This makes it difficult to clean their remains, but it does not make it impossible.

The first thing you have to do is locate the nest of the insects. They usually look for damp, dark places, so your bathroom or closet is a perfect place.

When you locate the nest, DO NOT REMOVE THE FIRST DEAD BODY. It is important that cockroaches eat it, this way they will cause the chain effect and all of them will die.

If you don’t locate the cockroach nests, don’t worry. You can use other methods to remove all corpses. If the poison you used is based on boric acid, the corpses will remove themselves because of the component they include. The same goes for chlorine-based poisons.

Finding dead roaches after spraying

If you fumigated the whole house, usually the company to which you entrusted the task is the one that will end up in charge of eliminating all the annoying and small corpses of deceased insects. However, if your contract doesn’t include that (or you simply hired a bad service that included it but didn’t fulfill its responsibilities), the best thing you can do is hire a home cleaning service.

These services are usually around $100 and leave your house as new, using industrial vacuum cleaners remove all possible debris left inside your home. If you like to do it yourself, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom, because they come to more places and are more comfortable to use.


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