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Many people know the typical cockroach found in homes and establishments. This is an insect that most people do not like to have near them, and that is why they are always in the constant search for products that will help eliminate this pest.

However, what many do not know is that there are some races of cockroaches and that depending on this we can make use of them for certain things such as feeding other animals since some of these races are ideal for the base diet mainly of reptiles, spiders, and fish.

Today we will talk about dubia cockroaches, an insect that can be easily found in countries from South America to Central America and which in turn are easy to keep locked since they cannot scale surfaces such as glass or plastic.

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They are omnivorous, which allows their feeding to be very easy to perform.

Here we will explain the characteristics of dubia cockroaches, what they eat, how to raise them and other basic aspects.

Breeding dubia roaches

Raising dubia cockroaches does not require more effort, because they are animals capable of reproducing very easily since, for each female you have, you will obtain about 40 young ones monthly.

This insect has a life expectancy of at least 2 years, and as the female ages, the ability to reproduce gradually decreases.

Dubia cockroaches should be kept in a container according to the number of cockroaches you have, preferably with a smooth surface such as plastic or glass, since as we have said before, they are unable to scale them.

You should not forget to make holes in the container that allow air to enter the terrarium so that cockroaches can breathe comfortably.

Some people divide the containers with cardboard, this helps to make the cleaning of the terrarium much easier, and not only that but provided a slightly darker hiding place for cockroaches.

It is important to keep a high level of darkness for these insects since they are extremely sensitive to light.

You can place more than a thousand cockroaches in a single box and there will be no problems since unlike other insects, they do not eat each other and best of all, they are completely silent.

You must keep some moisture in the terrarium, as that helps make the reproduction of dubia cockroaches easier to perform.

Small dubia roaches ¿As they are?

Dubia cockroaches are insects of various sizes, ranging from 3mm to 5cm.

Many people when they buy these insects, prefer to acquire the smaller ones since it allows them to have better nurture for reproduction.

This guarantees that they can get the most out of the females since the younger they are, they will give birth to a greater amount of cockroaches.

Once the cockroaches reach an age of 4 months, they will begin to reproduce on a monthly basis, allowing you to have a large flow of food for the animal you want to feed with these insects.

What do dubia roaches eat

Feeding dubia cockroaches is an extremely simple issue, and these animals, being omnivorous, can eat anything from vegetables to other animals.

If you want to breed healthy dubia cockroaches, the best thing you can do is to have them on a diet that consists of many fruits and vegetables, since they prefer sweet foods.

By providing these foods to your dubia cockroaches, it will not be necessary to place water, since this is provided by the fruits they eat.

Providing these insects with fruits and vegetables will not only help you to be healthier animals but also serve to regulate the humidity of the cockroach bowl.

If we want dubia cockroaches for eating protein, we should only give it cat food, fish scales, dog food, and some cereals. All this while still giving them fruits and vegetables.

What to feed dubia roaches, other things

People raise this kind of insects mostly for the creation of eaters that provide proteins and other nutrients to exotic animals such as reptiles, amphibians, spiders, and fish. This is because they are a good basis for healthy eating.

Dubia cockroaches are easy to digest in the stomach of these animals, and the healthier your cockroaches are, the better live food they will be.

If you want one of these animals to have a diet high in protein and low in fat, it is best to feed them based on dubia cockroaches. Just as they provide the necessary nutrients, these animals help to train their hunting ability by eating live food.

When you feed your animals, avoid being in places where there are possible hiding places for cockroaches or a lot of sand where it can be buried, as that makes it difficult for the other animal to eat it.

How to breed dubia roaches

Having a dubia cockroach farm is easy, just provide them with the necessary specifications and from there, they will be raised practically alone.

Factors such as low humidity, high lighting, and wrong temperature limit the growth and reproduction of dubia cockroaches.

The recommended limits of these characteristics are approximately a minimum of 50% humidity, a temperature not higher than 24ºC to 35ºC and keep the feeder or terrarium as dark as possible.

Some things about dubia roaches Petco

The dubia cockroaches are the clumsiest species of this type of insects, thanks to that it is possible to make one or more feeders capable of supporting themselves.

When you go to buy them it is easy to identify both sexes since they are different from each other, the females do not have wings and are thicker than the males.

Many people feed their exotic pets with these cockroaches for all the benefits they bring because they are easy to breed and you can have many feeders able to support themselves.

In time you will see that it is one of the healthiest and most economical ways to provide the necessary nutrients and proteins to your pets.

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