Dubia Roach Starter Kit

To raise them, it’s very simple. We only need a container, preferably plastic, tupper type, to which we practice ventilation in the lid or put a mesh in place. Even if the tupper is high enough (+50cm) they can be kept without the lid, although the ideal is always to place the mesh or the lid pierced to prevent. In the base of our tupper we could place a substrate (mixture of sawdust, integral bran, bed of corn, etc.) or lack it.

I recommend not having it; in my Blaptica strains dubia just made a little bit of sawdust in the corners of the tuppers, a couple of newspaper leaves cut into pieces of about 1-2cm, and I clean the tuppers at least once a month to remove faeces and food leftovers. Thus, the risk of mites, mold, etc. is minimal.

After deciding what type of substrate, we use, we have to provide the cuckoos with a “movable”. The best are cardboard eggs, which help to increase the useful surface of the tupper, and the cockroaches will use as home and hiding place.

A few of these eggs placed together and vertically will do. The reason for placing them vertically is simple: most of the faeces and debris will fall down and this prevents mold from growing between the eggs and affecting our crop. Ambient humidity will suffice, as long as it is around 50-60%. Generally giving fresh fruit and vegetables every day will be enough.

Blaptica dubia does not require high levels of humidity, unlike most captive-bred cockroaches that will suffer problems during moulting if the humidity is not suitable for their species.

The assembly:

– Breathers, you have to do a lot of ventilation, because otherwise it can create condensation or moisture or what is worse even mushrooms, I make small holes with a tin solador in the lid ALWAYS make the Breathers in the cover, you have to make enough but not so big as to be able to get out, Ami I like to make the holes instead of the cut and put metal mesh, because it loses strength the lid.

Placement of the eggs, we must put them vertically so that when you cagen, fall that to the taper and not the egg cup, put many eggs, is your hiding place, your home, and will feel more protected and breed better. If you need to cut them because they cannot be very close to the lid if the case in which some pups escape.

Food, what I said before, always put the food in jars or bowls so that everything does not get dirty and change the organic food (which can rot) every 2 days.

This is the best dubia roach colony starter kit

  • All you need to raise crickets to feed frogs, reptiles or other pets. Starting a colony of roach dubia for your varnished dragon or gecko leopard? Use our starter kit to get fast food snacks ready for your pet habitats.
  • “DUBIA ROACH STARTER KIT includes everything you need to get your cologne out. Put it in a cabinet and just add cockroaches or crickets. Includes 8 flat eggs, 1 pound of Roach premium cricket meat, 4 water gel granules.
  • “EGG FLATS: 8 (12×12”) can be placed inside a plastic storage container or aquarium to create the perfect habitat for the cane. Flat eggs can be raised or placed flat, alternating or flipping each flat to give cockroaches or cricket a lot of room. Disposable for easy cleaning.
  • “ROACH CHOW: 1 pound (16 ounces) of high arch protein with fats that crickets will also love. Ideal for the dry diet of reeds or for the cricket incubator.
  • Water crystals: we include 4 granules of water gel. Each ounce makes 1 gallon of gel. Just add water. Your kit includes enough to make 4 gallons of gel to provide moisture for cockroaches, crickets or other insects without the risk of drowning them.


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