Does cinnamon Repel Roaches

One of the medicinal plants that have a lot of utilities is cinnamon. It has applications from traditional African cooking to the sweetest desserts and sandwiches.

However, one of those applications that absolutely nobody would expect is to eliminate cockroaches. Yes, as you heard, this millenarian plant with a great utility and multipurpose is capable of eliminating and destroying every last one of these horrible vermin.

Do you want to learn how to do it? Is there a specific technique to eliminate them using this plant? The answer is simpler than you think and you just have to read a little.

How does cinnamon attract roaches?

Cinnamon DOES NOT ATTRACT THESE VERMINS. It is a misinterpretation to believe that it attracts them. On the contrary, this incredible bark of a tree does the opposite: it drives them away.

How does it do it? The truth is that you don’t know for sure. Similar to mint, catnip, or bay leaf, this tree bark also causes cockroaches to move away. It is probably due to its rather exotic odor, which causes the insect’s odor receptors to move away from the insect.

However, if you are looking to attract the insect to eliminate the pest using poisons, the best thing you can do is to do one of two things:

  • Place the plant at the entrance of their nests, this way they will end up succumbing to the smell and will not be able to do anything at all.
  • Combine the plant with others (like the ones mentioned above) so that the smell ends up killing them almost instantly.

You also have the option to place it next to a bait (like condensed milk) which has combined the grass, this way they will end up dying extremely fast.

Cinnamon and roaches, some tricks for remove they

It’s true that these horrible bugs are a troublesome pest just as much as some of the most common ways to repel them contain chemicals and poisons so dangerous that they turn out to be just as bad as being surrounded by those insects.

So if you want to repel them in a safer, softer and more organic way, don’t forget that there are a variety of plants that serve as an effective and ecological means to help keep your house free of these horrible vermin, one of them is cinnamon.

Ideally, full cracks should be used. However, another one you can use is its powdered or ground variety. Be careful when handling it, as it can be a little irritating to the nose, causing people who have a sensitive nose to end up sneezing in piles and causing nasal congestion.

However, the results are not immediate. On the contrary, they usually take a while to appear. The reason is simple: Unlike chemical solutions, cockroaches can even adapt to the odor.

That’s why these solutions aren’t as good or reliable, and if you want to get rid of bugs quickly and effectively, the best thing you can do is simply contract with a fumigation company.


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