Do ultrasonic pest Repellers Work on Roaches

In recent years, many electronic devices have been marketed against all kinds of animals, including odious cockroaches. Have you ever wondered if they are effective? Can the effect of ultrasound definitively drive this plague away from our homes?

In theory, the ultrasounds generated by these devices generate such discomfort in the cockroaches that they end up going elsewhere. To fight cockroaches, first, seal all cracks and openings. These cracks and openings are used by cockroaches as the main step in and out. Then, try your best to keep all the places clean.

These devices are electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds designed to repel any plague. Flies, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, rats are the main animals affected by ultrasound. If the operation is quite simple: it is connected to the electrical socket of the house emitting a high-frequency sound permanently throughout the house.

This sound is imperceptible to the human ear but generates such annoyances in this type of insects and rodents that end up going somewhere else or do not enter the home. These devices have been used for years in the control of birds and it is thought that this type of animal reacts the same way to the presence of ultrasound, but its effectiveness is much disputed.

Does ultrasonic pest repeller work on roaches

The reality is that there is no scientific study that supports the effectiveness of any type of electronic device, including those that emit ultrasound. A study conducted by entomologists at the University of Florida showed that ultrasound is a poor method of repelling cockroaches.

Specifically, this study analyzed the effectiveness of nine different commercial electronic devices against the German cockroach, which ensured that they scared of cockroaches and other insects through the emission of ultrasound.

Other several studies have shown that these devices are not effective, especially with cockroaches. At first, the pests detect something strange and do not approach the place but over time, they adapt to the noise, because they realize that it is completely harmless.

Besides, it is necessary to consider, where you place it in the house. As it happens with the wifi, as you are further away from the device the power of the signal will decrease, so you must acquire more than one pest repeller for the operation to be 100% “effective”. What you can try is to use poisonous traps with this kind of traps because combined their effectiveness will be completely increased.

We should not forget that cockroaches survived the holocaust that wiped dinosaurs off the face of the Earth, so it should come as no surprise that it takes more than ultrasound to get rid of them in our homes.  In summary, no study certifies the proper functioning of these pest deterrents through ultrasound. So if you think you have a cockroach pest the best thing you can do is to use traditional methods to eliminate these annoying insects.


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