Do Roaches Lay Eggs? How to find them

Have you detected any cockroaches in the house? Then it’s time to start the fight to get these bugs out. These insects, in fact, in addition to arousing a strong sense of repulsion, are dangerous because they carry many pathogens, and their presence in the house can cause fatal diseases in particularly sensitive people.

These creatures are ancient insects that have adapted to live very well in the urban environment in close contact with humans and pets. Man himself, through the movement of goods, especially by boat, has encouraged the spread of these insects all over the world. Today, cockroaches live almost everywhere. Also, are a very prolific species, so the first signs of an infestation should never be underestimated.

What do roaches eggs look like

The first signs of the presence of an invasion in a house that often go unnoticed are its eggs or rather the ootheca. Cockroaches do not lay eggs individually, but eggs contained within an additional sheath shaped like a tiny reddish-brown box. This involvement is called ootheca, and cockroach females scatter there in the area where live, basically in dark or hidden places.

Where do roaches lay eggs

Some species transport ootheca until it is released when the eggs are about to hatch (Germanic Blattella), but even the ootheca from which they have already hatched can be found in the environment and are no different from those that are already hatching. The morphology of the oothecae changes according to the species present so that from the oothecae, it is often possible to also understand what type of invasion we are dealing with, even without having seen their adult forms.

How often do roaches lay eggs?

As mentioned above, finding the oothecae is not very easy, it can often be confused with cockroach droppings, which are black dots, so you first need to know where to go and look: in general, the most popular places for female cockroaches to lay eggs are cellars, attics, but also closets and drawers, especially the least used. Although we must bear in mind that reproduction depends on each species:

Oriental cockroaches

Adult females live up to 180 days and produce around eight oocytes with 16-18 eggs each. The oothecae released into the environment is cold, dark, and protected places and possibly near food sources. They are red-brown and slightly asymmetrical and measure approximately 1 cm in length. They have a very long maturation in the environment (40-50 days), so infestations can be very persistent.

Germanic bark

Females of this species produce only four oothecae for their entire life of about three months. However, each ootheca contains 44 eggs that hatch in 4-5 weeks so that in each hatch, the environment invaded by many new young individuals that will reproduce in a short time. Therefore, if we do not intervene quickly, due to the reproductive potential of this cockroach, the infestation can become dangerous. The oothecae are symmetrical, about 6 millimeters long and bright light brown, and placed in cracks and fissures in warm, humid environments.

Peri-planet American

The American cockroach, up to 5 cm long, lives more than a year and lays 10 to 90 oothecae during its lifetime, containing 16 eggs. The deposited oocytes fixed on a surface in a well-hidden and protected point, so it is not easy to identify them and open in 1-2 months. They are 8 mm long and very dark brown.

Supella longipalpa

Called furniture cockroach because it feeds voluntarily also on wood and paper. It puts about 20 very small oothecae (3-4 mm) of brownish hazelnut color and symmetrical. From each ootheca, 16 new individuals are born than can survive even in dry environments and climates.

How many eggs do roaches lay?

Concerning this issue, it is crucial to take into account the fact that each female can even lay up to 6 oocytes per year. Hatching usually takes place within 15/35 days, and nymphal stages are 7. Only after 31 weeks does the insect have the chance to reproduce.

Best way to kill roaches and eggs

If finding cockroach eggs is a real feat, it’s also a big feat to remove them from your home.

First, it should be noted that you should stay as far away as possible from any do-it-yourself solution. The classic methods used to eliminate traditional cockroaches, unfortunately, have no impact on eggs, and therefore the risk is having to face a real invasion.

If we want to eliminate the eggs definitively, the only thing we have to do is to proceed to a real disinfestation, which must do in two phases: first, moving the oothecae where they are and destroying them, to prevent hatching. Therefore, the cleanliness of the place where the ootheca is located should not be neglected. This environment must do disinfected in such a way as to avoid having to deal with some straggler.

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