Do Roaches have Blood in them?

Surely on more than one occasion, you have wondered if the cockroaches have blood as they are animals with a lot of particularities or characteristics, since they are animals that have six legs, so they also have 18 knees.

Do roaches have red blood?

Cockroaches have been referred to as bloodless animals since they are swallowed from an insect that has no red blood like most insects and other animals.

Cockroaches, on the other hand, have white blood, since they are does not have hemoglobin, and this is impressive and curious since it is rare to find animals that do not have that red blood that we usually see.

Why don’t roaches have blood in them?

Cockroaches do not have blood, so they are known as bloodless animals, but the absence of red blood in these insects has a reasonably logical and rational explanation that will clarify every one of the doubts that may arise.

The reason why cockroaches do not have red blood is that they do not have hemoglobin since it must take into account that red cells and erythrocytes are those who carry oxygen in the blood, and cockroaches do not have them.

Cockroaches do not have the equivalent compounds that generate in hemoglobin, so not have that characteristic red color, but have a white substance that would be their blood.


They work just like any other animal, since it is an insect that has two large eyes, as well as an oral appliance, a salivary gland, and antennas.

This insect are animals that a heart, colon, an exoskeleton, and also have a reproductive system, middle intestine, eight legs, and esophagus, body fat, and also have a liver.

This indicates that have entirely reasonable and complete anatomy since their eyes have thousands of lenses that allow them to see different panoramas at the same time, although they do not perceive red light.

Besides, they are animals that have sore legs and antennae, filiform, which are also responsible for the sense of smell, but also have two appendages and Cercis that give them advantages for sensitivity.

So, for all these reasons, cockroaches are healthy animals that have a white substance known as fat in their bodies, which allows this insect to have a reserve of energy and nutrients, and this being their “blood.”

Everything shows us that although they are animals that lack blood, they have the fatty compound that works just like blood to stay active and alive, and is even more useful since they have a perfect reserve.


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