Do rats eat roaches?

Cockroaches have a large number of natural predators, some are more common than others and are quite different from each other. Some are insects, others are mammals, but if there is one species of predation that is believed to be the most common cockroach, it is mice.

How true is that? The reality is that it depends a lot on both rat and cockroach species. However, it is important to learn and recognize which of these species prey on each other, so you can prevent both from proliferating at the same time and end up with a more severe infestation inside your home that you couldn’t get rid of.

Do rats eat cockroaches? The truth

The question is quite valid, rodents proliferate in places similar to where these insects do: Dirty, humid, moist and completely disgusting places.

It is quite likely that both animal species will eventually compete for both food and shelter. In addition, rodents are many times larger than these bugs, so it is very likely (and by that we mean quite likely) that they will end up serving as a crispy snack for rats.

However, this is not good, on the contrary it will end up being a problem for you, as a homeowner, since rats will end up proliferating in your house and causing a lot of problems and diseases.

The main predator of these insects is the common gray rat. This disgusting rodent finds its main source of protein within these insects.

It does not discriminate between bug species, however it has a preference for American and German cockroaches. Besides it, they do not like to hunt them or to consume them alive, they prefer to consume their corpses, and they are quite lazy animals.

One of the ways you can eliminate both pests in one move is by using boric acid. By feeding on the bug, the rat will end up dying in a similar way in a short time.

In this way you could eliminate the two vermin with a single shot and avoid the proliferation of the same in your homes without the need for the intervention of third parties (fumigation companies).

How to kill rats and roaches?

First of all the recommendation we will give you in this specific case is that you hire a fumigation company instead of trying to do it on your own. The reason is simple: You are facing two pests at the same time, which require different elimination strategies, so you would not be able to eliminate either of them effectively by trying to eliminate both at the same time.

Now, if you think you can eliminate them on your own, the best thing you can do is to poison the cockroaches, by poisoning them, the cockroaches will end up consuming their poisoned corpses and they will die as well.

It’s also a very good idea to keep your house neat, if you don’t keep it neat, both species will end up spreading even more. A good idea is to use chlorine to eliminate the rats. You can also use boiling water. Combining prevention and elimination strategies is the only way to get rid of both.


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