Do mice Eat Roaches?

Mice are small mammalian animals. The mouse is a rodent that belongs to the Muridae family. Other names we frequently use are house mouse, house mouse, or ordinary mouse. But do you know what mice eat?

The one we usually know best is the house mouse. A small rodent that can sometimes invade our homes by razing and eating everything in its path.

Initially, mice are herbivores (eat grass or plants). But some species have had to adapt to their environment and become omnivorous mice (they eat everything).

Usually, in rural areas, they eat stems, leaves, grains, fruit, or roots. Some can eat small crickets, beetles, or cockroaches.

Whey, do mice eat cockroaches?

In the cities, they feed on practically anything, such as waste and leftovers from men’s food. There are even cases where they can eat carrion, and in times of extreme need and famine, they can also turn into cannibals.

They are animals with a high sense of survival and do not hesitate to eat their deceased or weak peers. There have been cases of some mice that have come to eat their tail in extreme cases.

In urban environments, rodents feed on everything they can find, as they have had to adapt to the environment.

Urban mice rummage through waste or garbage to get the food they need. This means that if they find plant foods or insects such as dead cockroaches or their nests in their homes, they will be willing to devour everything without overthinking.


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