Desert Roach

Throughout the world there are thousands of cockroach species, so far having a list of approximately 5000, where most people know only three types.

And we have become accustomed to simply seeing about 10 types of cockroaches and we believe that these are the only ones.

There are giant cockroaches, more dangerous cockroaches, there are some that don’t even seem to be cockroaches because of how different they are. And every day many more species of cockroaches are discovered.

In that long list we can find the desert cockroach, which unlike many others, instead of invading homes, walking the streets in the dark, they collect garbage in the desert and eliminate it.

roaches desert

Because of this, they are considered in some ways as an ecological cockroach. Males and females have different behaviors, even in different aspects.

More about desert roaches

This species of cockroach can live without difficulty in totally arid climates and with very little humidity.

They usually live in places where they can dig up to 30cm and travel distances underground, also in the depth of the sand creates their burrow.

This desert cockroach is not characterized by having a certain color since this will depend a lot on the type of diet that it acquires, however it will always remain in a range of brown and black.

Over the years, this insect has been evolving and in order to defend itself, it has imitated the aspect of the aggressive beetle, because although this cockroach cannot release chemical substances such as this beetle, it can at least distract its hunters and flee.

Studies that were carried out on this species of cockroach, showed that it is capable of growing by absorbing water vapor obtained from the atmosphere when the humidity level is very high.

Although over the years the existing quantities of desert cockroaches have been reduced, a very significant amount of this species was found in the Colorado Desert.

Originally, these types of cockroaches come from the Sonoran desert, however, today in the Sonoran desert, they are have already considered a rare species of cockroaches despite being their native place.

Reproduction of desert cockroaches

Desert cockroaches tend to live separately according to their sex, females are usually found underground, while males roam the surface.


When it’s time to breed, female cockroaches surface at night and release pheromones that can attract males.

Once the process is done, the female is buried again in her burrow, where after 28 days she will deposit about 13 ootheques, that once she places them in a place where the humidity is consistent, at least 40 cockroaches will be born plus.

This process is repeated every month, and as the cockroach ages, it produces fewer offspring.

What do desert cockroaches eat?

These cockroaches are a completely harmless insect for humans since under no circumstances do they move in the same habitat. Therefore, the bacteria and diseases that they may have don’t affect the human being in the least.

These cockroaches are an important part of the desert ecosystem of Mexico and the United States. This is because they are recycling dried leaves, dead insects, fallen flowers, garbage and other elements that dirty the deserts and feed on them.

This species of cockroach can digest this type of food quickly thanks to the enzymes in your stomach, similar to those that have termites.

This helps them to eliminate more quickly the residues that they may have in the stomach, making them need to feed more frequently than other insects and this is how it manages to keep the desert clean.


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