Can Roaches Make you Sick

Coffees, disgusting, with wings, rare and nocturnal. Nothing causes more problems in a home than cockroaches. But is there anything that can turn these filthy animals into the worst pests in human history? The answer is yes.

Some (not all, however that doesn’t make them any less dangerous) of these horrible vermin are vectors of a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. In addition, some people are allergic to the wings of these horrible bugs or their fecal material, which causes people to even end up with asthma.

Can roaches get you sick? The truth

One of the biggest impacts of these bugs can have is the spread of a number of harmful bacteria and viruses that can lead to the development of diseases.

For your family this can be a huge problem, especially if the cockroach nest is in the highest food concentration: The kitchen. These insects have been directly related to the spread of food-borne diseases, such as Salmonellosis, which can affect all your loved ones without you noticing.

Think of these insects as giant magnets for bacteria and viruses! These germs are deposited wherever they pass and with whom they come into contact. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Roaches bites can make you sick

Unlike mosquitoes and ticks, which cause disease in humans and animals directly through their bites, cockroaches only cause disease indirectly. Like house flies, cockroaches spread germs that can cause certain diseases because of their dirty habits.

They act as deposits of bacteria. The places they visit, such as sewers and litter bins, as well as eating raw meat and animal feces, means they can easily and frequently accumulate bacteria.

These bugs can really bite but only on the condition that we don’t move too much when we sleep. At night they are able to gnaw the lobes of our ears. But only the larger types of cockroaches will be able to bite through our skin.

How can roaches make you sick with a bite?

However, if you think a cockroach has bitten you, you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Red welts are among the main symptoms. These red welts are a little larger than those of a mosquito bite and similar to scabs. In this case, do not scratch as this would worsen the condition and can cause severe inflammation and other complications.
  • In addition to inflammation and rashes over time groups of welts appear in the sting area.

These trailing insects can cause asthma. These bugs have certain proteins in their bodies that can be an allergen for some people. When tiny particles of cockroach bodies spread through the air indoors, these proteins, when inhaled, can cause an asthma attack in sensitive people.

When a cockroach feeds on something that contains bacteria such as a raw piece of chicken, or animal feces, the bacteria will enter the insect’s digestive system staying inside its mouth, in its saliva, and even inactive in its gastric system.


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