Can Roaches Jump?

These creatures are synonymous with dirt and grime, also known to spread diseases such as salmonellosis while triggering asthma.

There are about 4,500 species in the world, but only 30 are considered harmful. And that’s not the worst, did you know that these crawling insects can jump and even fly?

Perhaps you’ve been unlucky enough flapping around you, but that doesn’t mean they can fly. For in some cases, jump from one place to another when they feel threatened or to move.

Do cockroaches fly or jump?

Although a handful of species have wings, most of them don’t know how to fly well, or if they want to try at all. Some of them are very good at flying while others glide from one place to another, and for a short time.

How high do roaches jump?


These insects often dig wood, causing damage to vegetation. Adults are between 18 and 24 mm long. Females have slightly colored wings and blackheads. Only males of this diversity can fly, but only at short distances.


These species are known as tropical cockroaches. Adults measure 23 to 35 mm in length and have a considerable resemblance to American, but they are slightly smaller and have a yellow border on the chest.


The most common species, they are 25 to 40 mm long and bright reddish-brown.

Fuliginous Periplanet

A widespread insect in the American southeast. It has a brownish-black color and can reach a length of up to 38 mm — one of the few that are good to fly.

Blattella asahinai

An insect’s found in Southeast Asia; it is very identical to the Germanic Blattella. The adults measure between 13 and 16 mm long and are light brown, is one of the best-known avian pests.

Loboptera decipiens

This variety usually measures from 13 mm to 30 mm in length depending on sex. They are dark brown with slightly lighter wings, and only males of this species can fly.

Cuban roach

A small variety of cockroaches found in Cuba, the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas. Females are much larger, measuring up to 24 mm, while males are 15 mm long, pale green to yellowish-green, and very good for flying.


A giant flying, it can reach up to 10 cm in length and 18 cm in width. Native to Central and South America, it is not considered a pest insect due to its size as it usually develops in more jungle habitats.

Do cockroaches jump like crickets?

Not exactly…

They have two pairs of wings but only use one. The front pair is thick and acts as a protective cover, is the same color as the body, and remains against the insect’s back when not in use. The pair of rear wings (which use to fly) are membranous and thin, for more aerodynamics.

During flight preparation, cockroaches lift their front wings and show their hind wings; then, flying hold their front wings high and move through the air using the rear pair.


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