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The dubia cockroaches or also called spotted cockroaches of Guyana is one of the insects commonly bought by people who are dedicated to the breeding of reptiles, this is due to the number of benefits they have compared to other insects.

Its greater ratio of easily digestible proteins is a point in favor of those who seek the good food of their reptiles, as well as how quiet they can be compared to crickets for example, and their inability to scale glass and plastic, thus allowing the ease of raising them.

Where to buy dubia roaches online

Countless benefits compared to other insects are those offered by dubia cockroaches, more food, easy breeding, less annoying noises, but where can we buy these wonderful insects? Through our website, you will find the answer.

One of the insects used for the correct feeding of reptiles and therefore one of the most sought after is undoubtedly another of the benefits offered by the wonderful interface of our website.

Through the web catalog, you can search for these beneficial insects easily and quickly, browse through a variety of publications, until you find the one that best suits your expectations and then make your purchase immediately.

That is why, when you want to make an online purchase of your products or specifically dubia cockroaches, you must access our website where you will find them very easily.

Dubia Roaches 2000 Small
  • Small Dubia Roaches 3/8" and Under
  • If your temps are Below 40 or above 85 degrees place the word "HOLD" in your shipping address as we will ship to your local post office. For 100% live guarantee:
  • Unfortunately, due to state laws we cannot ship to Florida, Hawaii and Alaska.

Why buy dubia roaches?

If you came here it is because you have heard about the wonderful characteristics of these insects, for the breeding and proper feeding of many reptiles, and that is, starting from the ease of being able to breed them to the quality of protein content they possess, a picture is drawn of incomparable benefits.

Their ideal temperature for breeding and reproduction is between 20ºC and 35ºC, below 20ºC they do not reproduce, they are resistant to humidity compared to other insects and their food is quite accessible, since they eat vegetables and fruits such as, lettuce carrots, oranges, and apples, plus pet food like cats, fish, etc.

Although the males have wings, their legs do not adhere to materials such as glass or plastic, so when they escape, inside a fish tank they will not be able to achieve it unless it has silicone in its corners to which its legs easily they can hold on.


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