Bugs that Look Like Roaches

The animal kingdom is wise, there is a great variety of animals, many of them use camouflage to resemble other animals and thus avoid their natural predators.

An example of this is the butterfly owl, which has in its wings a pattern similar to an owl to prevent their predators get involved with it to think it is a much larger bird. Similarly, there are many insects that resemble this horrendous animals but end up being different animals. Therefore, the ideal is to learn to identify them in order to know how to deal with them properly.

TOP 5 bugs that look like roaches but aren’t


The closest cousins to cockroaches. Biologically speaking they belong to the same order, so they are almost related. These small animals have a segmented body and wings. They prefer places full of dust and their main food is plant tissue: call it wood or celluloid. They will eat everything from your grandfather’s furniture to the book your father gave you for Christmas. Probably if you have a library at home and don’t visit it often, you’ll have a nest of these annoying insects inside of it.



Bedbugs are one of the smallest animals. As a result, they are often confused with cockroach offspring. However, their main difference is that bed bugs make their nests mainly on beds and bedding. This is because they are parasitic insects that will take advantage of any opportunity they have to bite you. The best way to locate them is to look for small red spots on your bed mattress or bedding. If you are able to identify them, it would be ideal to contact professional fumigators, because their size makes it difficult to eliminate them at home.



These giant bugs are one of the distant cousins of the vermins. They often have sizes that a normal cockroach wouldn’t reach in a dream. However, despite their large size, they are completely harmless (although they seem quite frightening). The best thing you can do if you see one of these giant vermin is to simply step on it. Due to their size they do not usually make large nests, due to their inability to feed all their offspring, being the most common to find only between 3 or 4 cockroaches in a particularly large Nest.


These animals are completely harmless to humans. In the best case scenario all they’ll do is jump on you and then leave. The reason why you might confuse them is their body and bone structure, which is quite similar. However, unlike others animals, they won’t do you any harm or eat any of your waste at all, they prefer leaves from trees. Therefore it is normal to find it in wooded places or full of trees and vegetation. If you have a cabin in the mountains is likely to meet one sooner or later


These small bugs are found mainly in windows and open places in general. They are unlikely to nest in your home. If they do, you can only spray them with a little hydrogen peroxide and they will leave, because they are highly hydrophobic.


Bugs that look like roaches but aren’t

There is a great variety of insects that look like cockroaches but do not really belong to that family. This is because without predators, camouflaging as them is one of the most useful things that can do a lot of insects. Another thing that causes such similarity / confusion is the presence of segmented exoskeletons in a wide variety of insects, this added to the dark colors that have cockroaches, cause it is quite easy to confuse them.

Beetles that look like roaches

The most effective way to avoid confusing these bugs with cockroaches is to simply keep your space clean. If you know a little bit of entomology you may be facilitated because you will be able to recognize the bugs without the need for any guidance. Just look at the wings and antennas. If they lack antennas, they are not cockroaches, if they have a well-developed pair of wings they are not cockroaches either.


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