Brown Roaches

Cockroaches have a very characteristic color: Brown. There is a great variety of different species of these vermin, however one thing we can assume as universal for all of them are their colors: Most of these insects are very dark. However, sometimes you are likely to encounter animals whose colors are combinations of one or more shade.

Does this mean something specific? Can they end up being a bigger problem? Do they belong to a specific species of these annoying insects? These are questions that you may be asked a variety of insecurities and fears when you see one. However, it’s nothing that can’t be solved.

roaches brown

About smokey brown roaches

These insects can have a combination of colors, however this does not mean that they are different species nor does it mean that they have different capacities when it comes to what they do. Regardless of the shade, these vermin’s will only be able to do the following: Moving around your house giving it a bad look and developing wings to hurt you. The colored varieties within cockroaches are caused by a single gene, which is linked to the sexual aspect of the cockroach. It is therefore rare to see these kind of insects with one or more shade. However, these plague species exist and usually appear if the nest is large enough.

The most common tipe of these animal that presents shades that vary from the common brown is the German or common.

This insect, so annoying and present in most homes, has a tonality that ranges from light yellow rubbing against the pale to the darker shade of ebony. Females may have color combinations. So if you see cockroaches with various shades (such as light tone with black or brown with light yellow) it is 100% certain to be a female cockroach. These bugs also have greater reproductive capabilities, because that is what attract more males than the rest of the nest members.

How to prevent brown roaches in house

This kind of insect is known as “coffee cockroach” because it is often seen near the coffee machine where there is always heat, water and organic debris. Although in principle these conditions may also favor the proliferation of the species known as black, the blonde variety is able to spread and reproduce more quickly in this scenario. Its greater reproductive capacity is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the success of this pest. In a single year each female is capable of giving rise to 20,000 individuals compared to 200 of the closest species to the same which is the black variety.

To prevent the proliferation of these insects within your business or home, the best thing you can do is to clean your work area. By doing this you are cutting off their immediate access to their feeding grounds. Once you get them not to feed for a while they will go into critical condition. In this state they will literally eat whatever they are, that can play against you, because they can even eat rubber or wood. However you can also use it in your favor, making them consume poison as boric acid to mix it with some sweet food (something they will not resist, especially after many days without eating).

How to get rid of brown roaches

Now, if you’ve tried everything you can and the cockroaches are still re-entering your home or business. The best thing you can do is place medicinal plants like bay leaf and mint. The smell of these plants will keep all species away from these vermin as they are disgusting plants.


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